Friday evening

Ah lovely sunset over Edinburgh! Edinburgh have amazing sunsets and I can sit in our dining room and just stare out the window, it is like the sky is on fire.

Sunset from our dining room window
Sunset from our dining room window

We have had a busy day today, Zuzanna received a delivery from Cult Design with lovley new pattern designs for our Change tealight holder range. And lots and lots of Father’s will be quite happy on Sunday with some pretty amazing gifts. Don’t forget we still have our great offer on until Sunday. 15 % off selected items.

Richard has been working late today and just arrived home so the girls and I have baked and baked and played and climbed the sofa up and down, great fun when you are 14 months, and of course watched a film while it rained outside this morning.

I am not a great cook, I can cook but just not very inspirational or exotic. Mainly all I have in mind is that it needs to go quick, do everyone get enough vegetables, do they actually eat it and so on. So obviously we got a few winners and when I do try new things…well there have been a few disasters. However lately I started to follow a couple of blogs from Sweden and one blog is absolutely great! Jennys Matblogg, a girl my own age, living in a house that I consider a dream home and in a very lovely part of Sweden (no I am not jealous at all). I feel so inspired and I have tried a few new things. Check out her blog, yes yes I know it is in Swedish but hey there is google and just let me know and I shall do my best to translate. I am glad that if I actually follow the recipe as I should it turns out pretty good and I have had the comment “mmmm yummy” from my picky three and half year old which is very positive.

I grew up in a home where we ate what was served and I eat everything (NOT Marmite) and I was quite determine to never raise picky children…damn, did not turn out that way! Stina is not a great eater…she is a snacker and if I make dinner into a picnic then she will eat it. But fruit and vegetables are a struggle so we try new things all the time. She helps me while cooking, grating, chopping, stirring but refuse to try eating it, we do sticker charts and everything but she is just not having it. But lately she has gotten better and we try to encourage to at least try and she is now eating a few more vegetables. I wonder if it helps that I am more interested in cooking and maybe introducing more different kind of foods. Anyway today we have baked a little for next weekend when we are off to a Midsummer party, the freezer is quite full. I made a carrot cake, a long time since I did that which is a shame because it is very simple, guess I just been lazy thinking that grating carrots is a bit boring but seriously it takes no time what so ever especially when you have two girls that entertaining you at the same time and make you smile. And after the girls were asleep I made this beauty!

Blueberry pie
Blueberry pie

It will come with us tomorrow (Richard is working overtime tomorrow as well) to Glasgow. I am looking forward to relax, Stina will be so happy to spend the day with her cousin and I think Lovisa will be looked after by aunty, uncle and grandparents so I guess I can eat cakes and relax! Sounds like a good day to me!

Enjoy your evening

Charlotte x


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