Finally it is Summer…well if the weather could just stay a little bit sunnier and not so much torrential rain! Was watching a heavy downpour yesterday from our window at home. And noticed at the bottom of the Blackhall dip a little lake was nicely being created, poor lollipop man looked quite soaked and all the kids crossing the road on their way home for school got splashed from speeding cars. Was not looking forward to pack up Lovisa and head across town to collect Stina from nursery in Morningside. Am aware that there is a lot of road works at the moment and with the rain comes a lot of issues, like small lakes. At least it is not freezing cold rain. So enough moaning about the weather or Edinburgh traffic and roadworks (arrrggghhh)!!!

Anyway June is here…hooray! And with June comes a lot of events. Students are celebrating, Edinburgh Film Festival, Father’s Day and Midsummer (very important for us Swedes), lets not forget all the beautiful weddings. First we got Father’s Day this Sunday (yes I got Richard’s gift sorted and I believe Stina has prepared something as well). For you who is looking for stylish designs for your dad, husband or partner. Pop in and see us, we got a offer on at the moment. 15% off selected items, including the wonderful Wine Breather by Danish MENU. Check out how to use it here you will be amazed!

Super Stylish Wine Breather
Super Stylish Wine Breather

Then next Friday is Midsummer and I can do a little hint hint, we will start out annual clearance sale on Midsummers Eve, 20th June!I am super excited because we are off to our friends for a proper Midsummer party. They did one last year for fun and it was such a great hit they will do it again this year, and hopefully it will continue year after year.

Then it is my birthday weekend, and all I have asked for this year is a date with Richard. Sadly now these days with children and business we don’t do a lot of travelling, or holidays or just a little date. I can not even remember the last film we went to see together, might have been the day before I was due with Stina so almost four years ago…really!

Also have you met Ruth? Ruth is our new Monday lady. A great, cheerful, local lady with lots of retail experience. Ruth is also a very talented crafty person who has her own business Ellie and the Rubester. Why not check out her beautiful paper cuts and she does stunning personalized designs…just get in touch with an idea and I am sure you will get a great end result.

So during June why not pop in and treat your loved ones with some Scandi design or sometimes it is important to treat yourself too.

Charlotte x

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