Bake Sale Fundraiser

Hello lovely ones, Ruth here again. Many of you will know that our fabulous Charlotte has been walking 10,000 steps a day throughout March to raise money for Cancer Research #walkallovercancer. I have been keeping an eye on her progress (from the comfort of my sofa, toast in hand) and not only has she been hitting her steps target, on a couple of days she has done over 20,000 and many more around the 15,000 mark! Amazing woman!

She has discovered many beautiful walks in and around our city and I know she has really enjoyed being joined by friends along the way, all in support of such a great cause.

Cancer affects so many of us. My mum has had breast cancer twice, my unbelievably awesome friend beat it in a mindblowingly dramatic fashion and other friends have thankfully had it diagnosed early through our brilliant NHS. Cancer Research do amazing work and without the funds raised by people such as Charlotte, well, it doesn’t bear thinking about to be honest.

We have been so touched that our customers and local businesses have sponsored Charlotte on her epic journey over the last month and as one final fundraising push we are holding a bake sale this coming Saturday (March 30th) in Spektakulär where you can come in, eat cake, donate (honestly, every tiny amount counts) and hear about Charlotte’s daily ramblings. Walking that is, not her usual ramblings.

It starts at 10am and will finish when the cake is gone and if you have ever experienced Charlotte’s baking then you know you are in for a treat – it is fantastic! She hilariously suggested this morning that I bake too. Don’t worry, I like you all too much for that…

See you Saturday xx

Walk All Over Cancer

After months of sitting still and eating more rubbish than ever my body decided it did not like me very much anymore and my mind was all over the place (not in a good place)! After we came back from Sweden I started to walk again and saw the add for Cancer Research #walkallovercancer. I knew straight away this was something I wanted to do, good for myself (as I know my mind is in a much happier place when I exercise) and do good for someone else!!

#walkallovercancer is a way to help raise money towards Cancer Research and together we will beat Cancer. Every day throughout March I will walk at least 10000 steps a day. Some days this will be easier than others. Please support me by donate here to my fundraising page. We will also create some boxes in the shops so please pop your spare change in there and best of all 30th March (day before Mother’s Day) we are having a BAKE SALE in our HOME shop at number 15 Colinton Road. So please save the date and join us then for homemade Swedish treats!

This will be a true challenge for me as I know myself and I am one LAZY lady and I give up so easily. It will also be a challenge for my family as I am making them walk with me, but also a fantastic opportunity to explore the beautiful Edinburgh and also to catch up with friends. Yesterday I walked for an hour with a friend while our daughters were at dancing and we walked around Craighlockhart Nature Park. Today the family walked (girls scooted) from Craigleith to Davidsons Mains via the bicycle path and we visited the grounds of the stunning Lauriston Castle. These are places I drive past but never explore, Edinburgh truly is stunning and I think this will be a month of me really getting to know this city I have now called my home for the last eleven years.

Even if you can not support me with money please do support me by follow me on our Instagram stories I will need all the encouragement I can get and please do pop in to the shops and ask me how am getting on!

Charlotte xxx

It is time… time for our ANNUAL SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE!!!

Yay it is time, our annual summer clearance sale. Now this is a great opportunity to grab a bargain. In the sale this year we have lots and lots of amazing Linum cushion covers and runners plus a few award winning designs as well as super stylish. You just have to check it out for yourself.

10455859_878559792158906_6716475301649334188_n (1)

So tomorrow Friday from 10am Zuzanna will be ready for you. Go on pop in and go crazy :). I struggled myself not to buy it all myself. Great gifts to be had.  Please do note that this is a clearance sale, no no we are not closing down, it is just time to make space for the Autumn stock (sad I know, summer has not even started yet).

Have fun!

Charlotte x

Swedish National Day 6th June

Gosh I have not blogged for a while! Sorry!

Well time to remind you all that this Saturday 6th June is the Swedish National Day. So on Saturday there will be a few offers on some very Swedish designs in the shop (YAY). If you like to know more about why and how to celebrate the Swedish National day, well why not visit for more info.

Myself, well I am heading to Hemma for a traditional Fika. Then I am looking forward to a visit to the Canongate Kirk for a Swedish Summer service and then for all the grown-ups there will be a Swedish National Day party at Hemma and yes Richard and I will both join since grandparents are in town to entertain their granddaughters. This is very rare for us, to be out for an evening and very rare that we both can enjoy a glass of something since normally at least one of us is driving. Bring on Saturday!!!

Have a great week!

Charlotte x


Finally it is Summer…well if the weather could just stay a little bit sunnier and not so much torrential rain! Was watching a heavy downpour yesterday from our window at home. And noticed at the bottom of the Blackhall dip a little lake was nicely being created, poor lollipop man looked quite soaked and all the kids crossing the road on their way home for school got splashed from speeding cars. Was not looking forward to pack up Lovisa and head across town to collect Stina from nursery in Morningside. Am aware that there is a lot of road works at the moment and with the rain comes a lot of issues, like small lakes. At least it is not freezing cold rain. So enough moaning about the weather or Edinburgh traffic and roadworks (arrrggghhh)!!!

Anyway June is here…hooray! And with June comes a lot of events. Students are celebrating, Edinburgh Film Festival, Father’s Day and Midsummer (very important for us Swedes), lets not forget all the beautiful weddings. First we got Father’s Day this Sunday (yes I got Richard’s gift sorted and I believe Stina has prepared something as well). For you who is looking for stylish designs for your dad, husband or partner. Pop in and see us, we got a offer on at the moment. 15% off selected items, including the wonderful Wine Breather by Danish MENU. Check out how to use it here you will be amazed!

Super Stylish Wine Breather
Super Stylish Wine Breather

Then next Friday is Midsummer and I can do a little hint hint, we will start out annual clearance sale on Midsummers Eve, 20th June!I am super excited because we are off to our friends for a proper Midsummer party. They did one last year for fun and it was such a great hit they will do it again this year, and hopefully it will continue year after year.

Then it is my birthday weekend, and all I have asked for this year is a date with Richard. Sadly now these days with children and business we don’t do a lot of travelling, or holidays or just a little date. I can not even remember the last film we went to see together, might have been the day before I was due with Stina so almost four years ago…really!

Also have you met Ruth? Ruth is our new Monday lady. A great, cheerful, local lady with lots of retail experience. Ruth is also a very talented crafty person who has her own business Ellie and the Rubester. Why not check out her beautiful paper cuts and she does stunning personalized designs…just get in touch with an idea and I am sure you will get a great end result.

So during June why not pop in and treat your loved ones with some Scandi design or sometimes it is important to treat yourself too.

Charlotte x

6th June the Swedish National Day

As you might be aware that the 6th of June was just an ordinary day in Sweden until 1986 when it became our National Day and in 2005 it became a public holiday or a red day. In Sweden we do not have bank holiday Mondays. It is more about the date, so say if 6th of June is a public holiday on a Thursday then the Friday is also a public holiday since it become a squeeze day…now does this make any sense?! Sure it does! As a school child I used to love these days, great to get an extra day off school.

Anyway it is not like we Swedes are a proud sort of people (or maybe too proud), this day is not celebrated in the same traditional spirit and happiness as our dear Norwegian neighbours do on the 17th May. We Swedes normally just go on with our normal day life.

However this year I am actually quite excited about the 6th of June, because I am taking my girls to the Swedish bar Hemma for a great party. Any opportunity for a fika and chat with my Swedish friends.


I know that many Swedes will be around so why not check it out for yourself! I think the evening party with the schnapps and songs sounds great!

Don’t forget we have the pretty Dalahorse schnapps glasses, and a beautiful little Dalahorse serving bowl if you like to have your own Sweden party at home!

Dalahorse Schnapps Glass
Dalahorse Schnapps Glass

Dalahorse serving bowl
Dalahorse serving bowl

Happy Sweden Day!

Charlotte x


Spektakulär celebrations

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Spektakulär!!!

We are three, so happy and pleased! Thank you to all our amazing customers for your support!

Please do come and celebrate with us. For three days (Mon 16th – Wed 18th) there will be 10% on everything in the shop. And on Wednesday the 18th there will be cake…Swedish cream cake!!! Plus fizz of course!

See you Wednesday evening from 5 pm.

Charlotte xxx

Happy Midsummer’s Eve

Oh it is this time again for the biggest holiday in Sweden (after Christmas of course). If you happen to be in Sweden today…well do not be alarmed if all the main cities are empty and shops are closed. It is the time of the year when people leave to go to the country side or to the coast. The maypole will be raised, girls wear the flower-rings in their hair and the big table is set for the big meal. Herring, potato salads and to finish it all of with a strawberry cream cake. And do not forget the Schnapps, and lots of it.

This is the time when we gather with family and friends and it is also the kick off for our long holidays over the Summer. Most Swedes take four or five weeks off work. Almost all of July Sweden is closed down and people are in good holiday spirit.

Richard has still not experienced this holiday mainly because we normally do a longer holiday period in the end if the Summer but one year it will be his turn…he will not know what have hit him:) However we are off to a party tomorrow with lots of Swedes so he shall experience a little bit of it. I better crack on, I shall make some potato salad for tomorrow:-)

If you like to know more about how we Swedes celebrate Midsummer why not join us with the Scottish Swedish Society this Sunday at the grounds of Edinburgh Academy (in Stockbridge). Click HERE for more information.

Happy Midsummer

Charlotte x

Swedish Lucia Celebration…Bigger than ever!

According to the Guardian, in a article about Swedish Christmas celebrations, the hunger for Scandinavian Christmas traditions is on trend… as a small Scandinavian shop we can tell as well. Our Swedish and Danish candles and Christmas decorations are almost all gone and it is only early December.

Today is an excellent opportunity to take part in the Swedish traditional Lucia celebration at Wardie Parish Church, click here for more details. I know it will be a lovely ceremony and afterwards traditional “Lussekatter” Saffron buns and coffee.

So today since it is 1st of Advent and we will light up our Advent stars and candle-bridges and the first candle in my advent candle holder. My dad and his wife is over from Sweden, they brought gingerbread dough (I know you can buy some from IKEA but it is not the same, and making my own…hmmm time is running low) we will bake our snaps and have a glass of mulled wine. The smells and tastes will be the proper start for our Christmas and am excited to make the shop look more like Christmas as well. Richard’s parents are in town as well so I think it might be a little visit to the markets in town today as well.

Dad brought lots of yummy food with them for us. Now these days after opening up the shop we stay in Scotland for the holidays and have started to create our own traditions. I am not ready to give up any kind of Swedish celebrations and replace them with a UK one…no no! So on Christmas Eve, after we close the shop I head home and we have our Swedish Christmas, including the lovely Jansson’s temptation, herring (sill) and this year even lovely traditional Christmas Ham and dad brought “Vortbrod” a special Christmas bread. I felt true happiness when I saw what they had brought.  Amazing what food and memories can do:) Then on Christmas Day morning we head over to Glasgow this year and will celebrate with Richard’s family. So a turkey dinner is to expect which is great as well. But I am afraid to say it wont beat a Swedish Christmas Buffet table so called “julbord”.

Have a great 1st Advent, I am so pleased it is such a beautiful day.

Charlotte x

Evening Event…Do your Christmas shopping at Spektakulär

We have had quite a number of requests for some evening events during November and December. I have been to a few myself in Sweden way back and also a couple here in the UK and yes it is rather lovely to get your Christmas shopping done without the stress of doing it at lunch hour or sharpening the elbows at the department store. No it is much better to do the Christmas gift shopping with good friends, a glass of something and lovely nibbles after opening hours. We did a couple of trials last year, mostly with friends and family, which was lots of fun.

And the really good news is that this year we have teamed up with Bia Bistrot who will do some fabulous canapés for us. May we suggest to book a table at Bia Bistrot afterwards since it is just three doors down and their food (and drinks) is amazing.

So this is how it will work:

Bring a few friends (and friends friends) or family along after work, after the children have been fed and the husband have made it home.

We require a minimum of 6 people (maximum 15, the shop is full of Christmas gifts and it will be a bit of a squash and a squeeze if more than 15),  and with a minimum spending of £20 per person.

Find your gifts, and while we wrap them up in lovely Scandinavian style enjoy a glass of fizz and chat with your friends. Now does that not sound like a great couple of hours, perfect to catch up with friends before the hectic time of Christmas and the holidays.

A few dates are already been taken, so pop in to the shop or give us a ring at 0131 629 0941 or why not just email  and grab an evening you think will be perfect. Any time Monday – Saturday between 19.00 – 22.00 and Sunday between 18.00 – 21.00.

Happy Christmas shopping (and chatting)

Charlotte x