6th June the Swedish National Day

As you might be aware that the 6th of June was just an ordinary day in Sweden until 1986 when it became our National Day and in 2005 it became a public holiday or a red day. In Sweden we do not have bank holiday Mondays. It is more about the date, so say if 6th of June is a public holiday on a Thursday then the Friday is also a public holiday since it become a squeeze day…now does this make any sense?! Sure it does! As a school child I used to love these days, great to get an extra day off school.

Anyway it is not like we Swedes are a proud sort of people (or maybe too proud), this day is not celebrated in the same traditional spirit and happiness as our dear Norwegian neighbours do on the 17th May. We Swedes normally just go on with our normal day life.

However this year I am actually quite excited about the 6th of June, because I am taking my girls to the Swedish bar Hemma for a great party. Any opportunity for a fika and chat with my Swedish friends.


I know that many Swedes will be around so why not check it out for yourself! I think the evening party with the schnapps and songs sounds great!

Don’t forget we have the pretty Dalahorse schnapps glasses, and a beautiful little Dalahorse serving bowl if you like to have your own Sweden party at home!

Dalahorse Schnapps Glass
Dalahorse Schnapps Glass
Dalahorse serving bowl
Dalahorse serving bowl

Happy Sweden Day!

Charlotte x


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