Happy Midsummer’s Eve

Oh it is this time again for the biggest holiday in Sweden (after Christmas of course). If you happen to be in Sweden today…well do not be alarmed if all the main cities are empty and shops are closed. It is the time of the year when people leave to go to the country side or to the coast. The maypole will be raised, girls wear the flower-rings in their hair and the big table is set for the big meal. Herring, potato salads and to finish it all of with a strawberry cream cake. And do not forget the Schnapps, and lots of it.

This is the time when we gather with family and friends and it is also the kick off for our long holidays over the Summer. Most Swedes take four or five weeks off work. Almost all of July Sweden is closed down and people are in good holiday spirit.

Richard has still not experienced this holiday mainly because we normally do a longer holiday period in the end if the Summer but one year it will be his turn…he will not know what have hit him:) However we are off to a party tomorrow with lots of Swedes so he shall experience a little bit of it. I better crack on, I shall make some potato salad for tomorrow:-)

If you like to know more about how we Swedes celebrate Midsummer why not join us with the Scottish Swedish Society this Sunday at the grounds of Edinburgh Academy (in Stockbridge). Click HERE for more information.

Happy Midsummer

Charlotte x

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