Bake Sale Fundraiser

Hello lovely ones, Ruth here again. Many of you will know that our fabulous Charlotte has been walking 10,000 steps a day throughout March to raise money for Cancer Research #walkallovercancer. I have been keeping an eye on her progress (from the comfort of my sofa, toast in hand) and not only has she been hitting her steps target, on a couple of days she has done over 20,000 and many more around the 15,000 mark! Amazing woman!

She has discovered many beautiful walks in and around our city and I know she has really enjoyed being joined by friends along the way, all in support of such a great cause.

Cancer affects so many of us. My mum has had breast cancer twice, my unbelievably awesome friend beat it in a mindblowingly dramatic fashion and other friends have thankfully had it diagnosed early through our brilliant NHS. Cancer Research do amazing work and without the funds raised by people such as Charlotte, well, it doesn’t bear thinking about to be honest.

We have been so touched that our customers and local businesses have sponsored Charlotte on her epic journey over the last month and as one final fundraising push we are holding a bake sale this coming Saturday (March 30th) in Spektakulär where you can come in, eat cake, donate (honestly, every tiny amount counts) and hear about Charlotte’s daily ramblings. Walking that is, not her usual ramblings.

It starts at 10am and will finish when the cake is gone and if you have ever experienced Charlotte’s baking then you know you are in for a treat – it is fantastic! She hilariously suggested this morning that I bake too. Don’t worry, I like you all too much for that…

See you Saturday xx

Walk All Over Cancer

After months of sitting still and eating more rubbish than ever my body decided it did not like me very much anymore and my mind was all over the place (not in a good place)! After we came back from Sweden I started to walk again and saw the add for Cancer Research #walkallovercancer. I knew straight away this was something I wanted to do, good for myself (as I know my mind is in a much happier place when I exercise) and do good for someone else!!

#walkallovercancer is a way to help raise money towards Cancer Research and together we will beat Cancer. Every day throughout March I will walk at least 10000 steps a day. Some days this will be easier than others. Please support me by donate here to my fundraising page. We will also create some boxes in the shops so please pop your spare change in there and best of all 30th March (day before Mother’s Day) we are having a BAKE SALE in our HOME shop at number 15 Colinton Road. So please save the date and join us then for homemade Swedish treats!

This will be a true challenge for me as I know myself and I am one LAZY lady and I give up so easily. It will also be a challenge for my family as I am making them walk with me, but also a fantastic opportunity to explore the beautiful Edinburgh and also to catch up with friends. Yesterday I walked for an hour with a friend while our daughters were at dancing and we walked around Craighlockhart Nature Park. Today the family walked (girls scooted) from Craigleith to Davidsons Mains via the bicycle path and we visited the grounds of the stunning Lauriston Castle. These are places I drive past but never explore, Edinburgh truly is stunning and I think this will be a month of me really getting to know this city I have now called my home for the last eleven years.

Even if you can not support me with money please do support me by follow me on our Instagram stories I will need all the encouragement I can get and please do pop in to the shops and ask me how am getting on!

Charlotte xxx


Since Richard and I had the shop and the girls we sometimes struggle to talk about anything else than the girls or the business…I assume this is common called as life! However sometimes you think of things you did before this life (I mean the last five six years) and I think about our city breaks our just taking the car and go away somewhere for the weekend, and yes I must admit now and than I miss that more chilled life. However our girls are getting bigger and spending a weekend with grandparents is heaven to them and I know the grandparents love spending time with their granddaughters too. So after our summer holiday I got one of those spam/promotional emails from the airline we used flying back to the UK. Affordable tickets to Copenhagen! Well why not, asked the grandparents, asked Zuzanna to cover the shop and asked Richard to take time off work (well that was the tricky one since I liked to keep it as a surprise, sometimes it is good to have the shop to blame on). So Richard’s birthday is at the end of October and I bought the tickets in August, yes I managed to keep it a secret! I think everyone knew but not him and he was delighted when he found out (phew)!
So off we went, it was wet and windy but it did not really matter, we did enjoyed Copenhagen!

Even though we are not supposed to talk about business we do, owning your own business makes it your lifestyle! Owning your own business does not mean you leave work and have other things to focus on, no its always there. You do weird things like when having a coffee at a friends house you check the brand of the cup, small things like that! Anyway yes we did see The Little Mermaid (larger than I remember). Sadly lots of tourist hanging on her and I was not that touristy to do the same. We saw her, said hello and kept walking around the beautiful buildings. Oh I could move to Copenhagen in a flash, such a fantastic city. International, happy and chilled!


Of course we have been in great shops, even said hello to lovely Jane and husband from our new brand Mirins Copenhagen and I am excited to introduce more of her lovely bath and body care products to our shop in the future.


Spent a few hours in a amazing shops looking at New brands, displays and of course all the stunning Christmas Windows! Arrgghhh we need a bigger shop, I really like a great big space to show all the wonderful, functional designs, colour combinations or just inspiring designs… Oh well we shall see what the future holds!!!

Now if you have not been to Copenhagen, just go! It is relaxed and lovely, everyone speaks English (which is great because my Danish is crap). And this weekend Tivoli open its gates to their Christmas fair (which we missed…boooo)

Ohhhh LOVE
Ohhhh LOVE Illum Bolighus Christmas Window

Advent Stars
Advent Stars

SuperLove is SuperLivings own shop! So of course a little visit was needed :)
SuperLove is SuperLivings own shop! So of course a little visit was needed :)

SuperLiving amazing happy colourful candlesticks...hmmm which one!?!

We stayed at a lovely little Boutique hotel very central. SP34, great hotel, great atmosphere, great staff, great breakfast and hello wine hour (oh yes). Tiny let down was the room itself, but we hardly spent anytime there. And if you like a good burger, in connection to the hotel is Cocks and Cows, the burger place to go to! And just down the street is a great independent shop Nordic Nesting, well worth a visit!

Our lovely Boutique Hotel, just loved the wine hour and the opportunity to sit in a little library and read a book with a glass of something.
Our lovely Boutique Hotel, just loved the wine hour and the opportunity to sit in a little library and read a book with a glass of something.

Now back to reality, breakfast club and nursery, late nights in front of the computer and yes we are busy at the shop which is so fantastic. Thank you all for supporting us. Not all of our amazing stars are on display yet but we can go through them when you are in. And more fantastic Christmas decorations are arriving daily.

Charlotte x

Welcome September!

It is with mixed feelings we say goodbye to Summer and welcome Autumn. I mean who does not like the idea of a warm summer and long evenings in the garden with a tasty BBQ. This summer did sadly not bring great weather, at least not where we were. We missed the beautiful August heatwave in Sweden by spending our holiday there in July. But hey it was fine we got a few days of swimming in the lakes and one or two BBQ’s. We survived! Here are just a few images for you and for me to go a bit homesick (great).

So a quick Summer holiday note. Yes of course we went to Sweden, it is my home and where I would like us to live one day so a lot of Swedish for the girls and lots of amazing food for me. The girls and myself two weeks alone (well with my family and friends of course) and then Richard joined us for two more weeks. We ended our holiday with 24 hours in Copenhagen…oh Copenhagen we love you and we will try to do a longer trip there again next summer.

Since we arrived back it has been non stop, the shop has been repainted and it does look clean and fresh. Stina has started P1 and I did not expect it to be as emotional as it has been (think grey hairs appeared, not nice when you not even reached your mid 30’s yet or maybe I am just being shallow).

At least the shop is looking lovely and this week we had a photographer in to take photos for Google. So now if you google us you can see inside the shop. Of course we can not keep it looking this lovely all the time (you who have been in at Christmas you know how full it can get) but it gives you an idea of what we actually look like inside.

Now we like to welcome Autumn. I personally love Autumn. A sunny day walking in the forest with an explosion of colour in the trees and that hint of nip in the air. We are lucky to live in a country with four seasons. Even though not as extreme as Sweden, where it can get really hot in the summer and very very cold in the winter it is still stunning and I really need to make an effort to take the girls out and pick leaves and enjoy the colours as well.

Here at Spektakular you will see more designs and also some new brands, I have just placed our blanket and throws order from Swedish Klippan. I am very close to turn on the heating every evening now (not yet please) and it is also time to place orders for more candles. Autumn does bring darker evenings which means hello sofa, cozy blanket, candles, tea, homebakes and great books.

This weekend Richard and I will head to lovely London and two days of intense shopping for Spektakular. We will catch up with our suppliers, see more brands. After our visit to Sweden this summer I also fell in love with a few new brands and I have booked in to see some new agents which is very exciting.

But first, hopefully this week the first new seasonal stock by Swedish Sagaform is due to arrive. Including new additions to the so ever loved Oval Oak range which I am really looking forward to see.


Charlotte x

Stunning Spira

DELIVERY! Yes I am shouting it, because I want you all to know how much I love this stunning brand. SPIRA and a massive delivery just arrived to the shop and it looks stunning and I which I could take all the cushions home and just create a cushion paradise. Alright fine I admit, I go on and on and it does sound a bit much but sometimes my love for designs just gets me a little bit too excited. And there is something about fabrics and stunning patterns. Such a easy way to transform a room.

Spira is a fantastic company run by Lena and Susanne, together with well known designers in Sweden they create stunning patterns. The idea behind Spira is lovely. Each season brings in new and fresh patterns which you can combine with a previous seasonal patterns. Four times they have been in nominated for the best design in Formex Formidable which is a fantastic achievement . Latest was the Nemo in Red, (of course we have this cushion in the shop right now).

Image by Spira
Nemo in Red

This Summer we took the opportunity to visit Spira who are based in Borås, only 35 min from my mums house so easy to get there. Lena met us and welcomed us to have a look around their studio and warehouse. I could have moved in right there and then. What an amazing location and layout. Oh a dream place to go to work to everyday. We were shown the latest designs and also learnt a lot about fabrics and colours which was very inspiring.  Oh I loved it and then to receive this delivery is fantastic.

We focus mainly on cushion covers but of course some runners and tea towels sneaked with as well. Good thing with Spria is, if you know exactly how much fabric you are after they will cut it for you and send it to us. Since we do not have space for big rolls of fabric this is brilliant and a win win for us all. Please do have a look on their website for brilliant fabrics and inspiration. Pop in and see all our cushions, they do make us happy!

spia visit Botanik in light blue Botanik in Red, Slat in Light Grey, Mustard, Nature, Vilma in Nature


Charlotte x

Edinburgh Academy Christmas Fair 2012

Am very excited to be at this years Christmas Fair at Edinburgh Academy this coming Saturday. Am packing lovely Scandinavian Christmas gifts and treats.

This will be our second time and the layout has changed a little since last year, which I think will be fantastic. Am really looking forward to the food market, think this is where I will find some of my gifts and perhaps even some treats. Also looked through the list of stallholders and I think it will be absolutely amazing. Lisa and I will be there from 10.30 – 16.00 so do pop by and say hello.

Edinburgh Academy Christmas Fair 2012

Don’t forget that the shop is open as usual 10.00 – 18.00. Emma and Richard will be at the shop so do pop in to find your Christmas gifts.

Charlotte x

Spektakulär out and about…

It is a busy time of the year and Spektakulär has signed up for a few events here and there and of course we would like to let you know where we will be, who knows maybe near by you:)

26th November: To all our Glasgow friends you will find us at Calderwood Primary in Glasgow. This will be our fourth time and it will be great. Even more Scandinavian looking Christmas goodies.

1st December: Edinburgh Academy Christmas Fair. This year it will be a one day event and it will be worth it, great stall holders and a big food hall so I think I will find quite a few of my Christmas gifts here.

13th December: Perfect evening to pop in to our “pop up” shop and celebrate Lucia at Sofi’s Bar in Leith. We will be there from 18.00 but I suggest you hang about with a glass of mulled wine to sing along with Lucia and her ladies at 20.00. It will be a great evening!

We have a few evening events booked at the shop, but there are still some left so do pop in and book you evening. Perfect opportunity to catch up with your friends, a glass of wine, lovely Bia Bistrot nibbles and best of all get your Christmas shopping done.

Charlotte x

Lappat & Klart visit

Me and Annika, owner of Lappat & Klart

Meet Annika, owner of a charming little shop in my hometown Alingsås. I always make sure I visit Lappat & Klart when I am home.  Since I opened my own shop I got to know a few shop owners and store managers in Alingsås. And Annika is such a cool lady and I really enjoy her ideas and her company and I am glad I got to know her.

Lappat & Klart is a great little shop to find good gifts or pleasant treats. Beautiful teatowels mixed with stunning candlesticks in cast iron, fun jewellery, stylish scarfs, clever baking trays and lots more.

This shop is quite similar to Spektakulär, a few brands we both do and it is great to share tips and ideas. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours in her shop while Stina was away with her mormor (grandma). Even if I don’t feel like I contributed a lot it was great walking around in the shop, have a good chat with Annika and also falling in love with a few new designs which I am excited about to bring and introduce to the shop this Autumn,

I am amazed by how many new contacts and lovely people I have met since we started Spektakulär. Love how helpful people are and I hope that I am as helpful back as I can be.

Here are a few inspirational images from Lappat & Klart, please do let me know if it is something you see that you think we should have at Spektakulär.

Stunning tall candle holders made in cast iron

Fell in love with this stunning lampshade by Färg & Form. I am excited to introduce these at the shop during the Autumn,

Have looked for jewellery for the shop for some time and I think this brand might be perfect for Spektakulär

Teatowels and Dishcloths from quality company Ekelund.

Stunning teatowels from Ekelund

Wettex (Dish cloths), so popular in Sweden, maybe one day we might get them in.

I am pretty sure these might be recognised, the popular Leaf napkin holders from Pluto, here with colouful napkins by Marimekko.

Every Swede knows about Ernst, a well known and loved designer. He has teamed up with Färg & Form and designed these gorgeous candle sticks, Simple yet stunning. They will arrive this Autumn at Spektakulär

Perfect for our MOZ lovers, colourful umbrella with moose on.

It was lovely to spend a little time at the shop yesterday, must admit I miss being at Spektakulär, but will be back in the shop Sunday the 26th August. Today I am not sure what we will do, rain and grey, mum did some hints that we might go to Borås to Ittala Outlet :)

Have a lovely day

Charlotte x

Calderwood Primary Summer Fete

We did our first fair at Calderwood Primary yesterday and it was so lovely and a lot of fun… to be honest a bit stressful but it is always a first for everything! However we enjoyed it so much we have already booked us in for the Christmas fair.

I think I will do this more often, it is a great way to meet people and also to promote Spektakulär. So is there is any fairs you think we should look into let me know.

See you soon

Charlotte x

Cult Design visit

We also visited Cult Design. “Dare to be sqaure” is their motto. Most of their designs are cubes that you can mix and match however you like. Personally one of my favourite gifts ideas is the Change series.

It is such a clever idea, just invest in a base of your choice and then mix and match with covers and pots, perfect for the dining table, on top of the fireplace, in the window or why not in the bathroom. Very useful and sophisticated at the same time! At the moment I have strawberries on my kitchen table and the Santa is waiting as soon as December arrives, but before then I might add in a few orange, plum and other Autumn colours.

Our contact at Cult is the lovely Carina. She is always positive and very helpful! So during our visit she showed us all the new and lovely products and designs for the Autumn and Christmas, unfortunately it is all a secret so you just have to wait until the end of the Summer before I can show you those, however here are a few teasers from their showroom.

We are expecting a delivery from Cult this week with more of the Change series and a few new useful designs for your home. Why don’t you come on in and find your perfect treat or gift…

Charlotte x