Cult Design visit

We also visited Cult Design. “Dare to be sqaure” is their motto. Most of their designs are cubes that you can mix and match however you like. Personally one of my favourite gifts ideas is the Change series.

It is such a clever idea, just invest in a base of your choice and then mix and match with covers and pots, perfect for the dining table, on top of the fireplace, in the window or why not in the bathroom. Very useful and sophisticated at the same time! At the moment I have strawberries on my kitchen table and the Santa is waiting as soon as December arrives, but before then I might add in a few orange, plum and other Autumn colours.

Our contact at Cult is the lovely Carina. She is always positive and very helpful! So during our visit she showed us all the new and lovely products and designs for the Autumn and Christmas, unfortunately it is all a secret so you just have to wait until the end of the Summer before I can show you those, however here are a few teasers from their showroom.

We are expecting a delivery from Cult this week with more of the Change series and a few new useful designs for your home. Why don’t you come on in and find your perfect treat or gift…

Charlotte x

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