Community LOVE

Walking to work on a Saturday morning and getting a phone call that tells you your shop has been broken in to is not a nice experience. There are a lot of things going through your head. I need to call the police, which number to use, insurance, landlord or not, get a hold of Richard, knowing his bloody phone is not working as it should. What is the damage, and as we were closing one shop this weekend it was basically empty so am thinking it is probably ok. Trying to stay positive with 25 minutes still to walk. But then you get the second phone call from the actual police telling you it is the other shop, the one that is jammed packed with fab designs. The police were waiting for me and they were so lovely and supportive. A person was really determent to make it in and he did but it made such a mess. The safe was stolen but it was basically empty (wish I could have seen his face when he open it) but it is the mess that is left behind. And the brick!

My shop is located on a busy side street with fantastic neighbours and the lovely Bia Bistot gave me contacts to phone, cake and coffee (a lot of coffee). A huge recommendation to Comely Bank Glazing who turned up within a couple of hours and replaced the window. As it was a Saturday our girls were dancing. A parent collected Stina while Lovisa and Richard came to get me and we all went home instead of hanging around a cold and broken shop. You go through a lot of emotions. I personally believe having your home broken into is worse, or a fire, it could have been so much worse.

But I felt really deflated when this happened and you go through a lot of emotions in one go. So I vented my frustration on social media. I needed to let people know we were closed but might have also just gone blaaaahhhhh.

Within seconds the love and the messages that flooded in, I could not believe it. My Instagram was filling up and so many private messages. I do not have the FB app on my phone so when I logged in I was in tears. So many people offered help and that is something I would struggle to ask for. But wow, friends, staff and fellow shop owners came in and helped me clean yesterday. Friends offered with playdates for the girls. My post was shared in local media and on a large local FB group. The community has sent us so much love and as I posted in one of my posts, one person knocked me down but hundreds pulled me up! You did! So thank you!

Lets help each other out, be nice and be kind to each other. That is what a great community is about and wow have we received some love this weekend. You helped me by showering me, my shop, my staff and my family with love. But you know what else you can do? You can help by support your little local shops, the independent cafes, the mum that works from the kitchen table setting up her own business. Pop in and even by just buying a £2.50 card will help. Log out from the amazon account and give the little ones some love instead. Head over to Bruntsfield or any fab area you feel it is time you visit (take the bus) and go for a wander. We all do need your support to survive! So lets all work together!

We are back up and running again and we are working on some great new ideas and will redo our shop ready for a busy summer. And yes of course we used the brick that was left for our new window display. Is it yours?

Is this your brick?
Please pop in to claim your prize*

*prize may include a mild duffing up and/or prison

** no cash equivalent as you’ve already had that

If you have any information about this incident, please contact the police via 101. Alternatively, an anonymous report can be made to the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Charlotte xxx

Stunning Spira

DELIVERY! Yes I am shouting it, because I want you all to know how much I love this stunning brand. SPIRA and a massive delivery just arrived to the shop and it looks stunning and I which I could take all the cushions home and just create a cushion paradise. Alright fine I admit, I go on and on and it does sound a bit much but sometimes my love for designs just gets me a little bit too excited. And there is something about fabrics and stunning patterns. Such a easy way to transform a room.

Spira is a fantastic company run by Lena and Susanne, together with well known designers in Sweden they create stunning patterns. The idea behind Spira is lovely. Each season brings in new and fresh patterns which you can combine with a previous seasonal patterns. Four times they have been in nominated for the best design in Formex Formidable which is a fantastic achievement . Latest was the Nemo in Red, (of course we have this cushion in the shop right now).

Image by Spira
Nemo in Red

This Summer we took the opportunity to visit Spira who are based in Borås, only 35 min from my mums house so easy to get there. Lena met us and welcomed us to have a look around their studio and warehouse. I could have moved in right there and then. What an amazing location and layout. Oh a dream place to go to work to everyday. We were shown the latest designs and also learnt a lot about fabrics and colours which was very inspiring.  Oh I loved it and then to receive this delivery is fantastic.

We focus mainly on cushion covers but of course some runners and tea towels sneaked with as well. Good thing with Spria is, if you know exactly how much fabric you are after they will cut it for you and send it to us. Since we do not have space for big rolls of fabric this is brilliant and a win win for us all. Please do have a look on their website for brilliant fabrics and inspiration. Pop in and see all our cushions, they do make us happy!

spia visit Botanik in light blue Botanik in Red, Slat in Light Grey, Mustard, Nature, Vilma in Nature


Charlotte x

Ohhh the smell of fresh paint…

Who would have known that a little bit of paint could bring so much happiness! No there has not been that many big changes to the shop but it is sooo bright! And sooooo Scandinavian! And for someone like me who loves working with a blank canvas this is just perfect. I shall hopefully be a bit more creative in the future…oh lots of ideas and so many options.

But let’s just start by getting everything back out in the shop again, took me some time I must admit and I am glad Zuzanna gave me a hand and also Richard of course (I am still working on it today and will probably be for a few days). I do recommend a little visit to the shop now since it still is rather empty and not filled with seasonal Autumn stock (just you wait).

Here are some images from the shop, hope you like it!

Next week a MASSIVE delivery is due in from Swedish Spira. We saw them a few weeks ago in Borås and oh love love love them. Spria’s fabric and patterns are of fabulous quality, super stylish and happy cheerful. I think you all will love it…I really hope it will be me who gets this delivery!


Charlotte x

Christmas we welcome (and love) you!!!

YES the shop has transformed into Christmas and it is warm and welcoming and absolutely jammed packed and I am amazed how fantastic all the staff have worked. So hard, well done ladies (and Richard of course).

Huss star in black

So after a long weekend, well started mid week last week really with the big pallet deliveries and then a few late nights, Richard took time off his normal job and grandparents arrived to look after our girls, the shop is now a proper Scandinavian gift and Christmas shop.

I LOVE IT! What I love the most is all the beautiful stars and candle bridges . They sure brighten up the shop and already many peoples homes. Richard and I hung up all the stars in the window on Sunday morning and then in the evening Richard, myself, Zuzanna and Ruth was joined by Åsa and Emma (who has not worked in the shop since Spring time) and it was so nice to catch up and I think they enjoyed it too. Emma and also Joanne will come back and cover a few dates from mid November and December which will be great. Both Zuzanna and Ruth have their own businesses and are super busy at the moment so it will be nice to have Emma and Joanne around as well.

Getting there
Ladies at work…


After many hours of hard work, a short mulled wine pit stop (including cake and apple crumble) we had enough and went home and I think that was the first night in a VERY long time I woke up by the alarm. Thank you children! Then back again, Richard was sent on a mission and Ruth and I continued to unpack and organise the shop yesterday and today I unpacked the last boxes and have a lovely print delivery to unpack tomorrow.

Leave you with images from the shop…

LED lights…genius for us with children , animals or just a little bit forgetful.

Hello… Cute Santa tealight holder by Cult Design

Charming Tomtar by Naasgransgarden. Hugo lantern with friends

Stunning Foxes pattern by Swedish Almedahl

Jangneus tea towels and dishcloths

Julia Cocktail Tray and Ester and Eriks stunning cone candles

Charming beautiful tealight holders by Pluto and Snow Princess tray

Metasol in silver and red

Love these Viking Candle Bridges, stylish way to brighten up your home

Lovely gifts or treats

LOVI Xmas Trees 12cm in wood, red or green

Beautiful LOVI decorations  made from wood

Pluto has done it again, beautifully detailed decorations.


Please do pop in and say hi. Hope you will love the shop as much as we do… I will post a album on our Facebook page with all our beautiful stars and candle bridges, but it will be another day because now I need to go to bed.

See you tomorrow

Charlotte x

Time to get a bit cosy…

Oh I don’t know about you, but I did not enjoy yesterday’s weather at all, felt frozen through by the time we made it home! But it is days like those when I really enjoy some me time in the evening with a cup of tea snuggled up in the sofa under a warm blanket. And best of all: candles, candles, candles…love it! Autumn is here and it sure is time to get cosy. And we have lots of lovely new designs in the shop just for this time of year. New candle holders from Broste Copenhagen and Sagaform as well as lovely new oven and serving dishes for the warm stews and warm desserts.

Have a lovely evening and see you soon

Charlotte x

It has started!

Delivery after delivery last week and more this week. So exciting!!! I do love being in the shop when we get a delivery, it has been new books and we also introduced a Elsa Beskow 2012 Calendar. New cards by Darling Clementine and for you who love the Folk and Flora range there are now notebooks as well. Back in stock is the Oak trivet, Daisy, Tulip and Clover teasets, SOS candle lanterns, the Blossom teapot, cheese knives, new travel mug designs and more of the Retro breakfast set all by Sagaform. Last Friday a pallet from Cult Design, sooooo much to choose from now. Every colour cover you can think off for the Change range, new in as well, soap/lotion and dish pumps in jade, citron, black and white. Cult Design is all about mix and matching after your own taste and space, and it is such a great gift.

Saturday was a busy morning while Emma and I got everything out in the shop. It is a joy to see our shop being filled up with new designs and great new products as well as all our favourites…

Monday was a very busy day for me, we had two deliveries at the same time, the shop has a new look with lots of new cushions by Linum and more designs from Sagaform. Today KG Design will arrive with flower coasters, since we have plenty being ordered by customers you better hurry before they are all gone again.

I am looking forward to go into the shop every morning now and am exciting to see what will arrive this week, lots of lovely things for my home I hope:) Have a good week and see you soon. Charlotte x

Mad about clouds…

If you gonna have a cloud in your home, let it be a Färg & Form Cloud!

“Pattern Clouds were created during 1966 – 1967 under strong inspiration from the Japanese pattern. It was a revelation to me that the pattern could be characterized as simplistic and clean, while describing the world around us.” Gunilla Axén, creator of the pattern Cloud.

Färg & Form’s lovely products have been with us now since we started, particularly the cheerful Cloud series. We love them here, they really make me smile and as you know I do like colours and they do look lovely in the shop.

We have paper cans in three sizes for storage, choose between pink, blue, green or red (I have one large red one for Stina’s toys, perfect, and even when she bangs it still looks great). As well as hanging cloud storage in laminated cotton (easy to wash) for bits and bobs in the bathroom or above the changing table. For all the hairband or jewellery for the girls rooms or all those small cars that clutter the boy room floor ( I do have a nice and nephew and I know how they collect everything and how the toys clutter up their rooms). Or for pens and all those things that are everywhere in the office or when you find the perfect place for them you let me know.

The Cloud blankets in 100% cotton are a perfect gift for a newborn baby and it seems to be a baby boom in the area as they are a very popular gift, or for your own baby, it is not really summer out there is it!!! When Stina was born in October last year, my mother bought an orange cloud blanket for her which was perfect in her pram or cot or just on top of her in our arms while relaxing. And I seem to recall last winter was quite a snowy and cold one, lets hope it wont repeat this winter.

Have a fantastic weekend, looking forward to see you.

Charlotte x

Happy Sweden Day!

6th June is the Sweden National Day.

Here at Spektakulär we will celebrate this with an fantastic offer!

Spend £15 or more and we will give you a packet of napkins from Färg & Form for free. We  looked for the most Swedish thing we could find and yes, blue and yellow moose napkins…oh yeah! Don’t think there is something more Swedish than these.

And of course I took the opportunity to do a new window display, this in all blue and yellow.

Happy Sweden Day!

Charlotte x