Sophisticated Danish MENU

There is something special about Danish Menu!

There is no denying that Menu is a stunning brand with sophisticated and stylish designs. Menu collaborate with talented designers who more than often produced award winning designs. The thought behind each design is carefully consider and loved. The passion behind Menus’ products are reflected in their designs. Menu are obsessed with clever solutions and functional details They believe it is “because that’s the originality that makes it a true Menu product”.

When I see my agent (lovely Carole) I always feel so excited, it is different to see a design online or in a catalogue compared to see and feel a beautiful product in real life. And with Menu I never get disappointed! It is SOOOOOO hard to choose what to introduce to the shop.

But as with every brand I can not stock it all I have to pick what I believe would do well with you our customers. And now I am delighted to introduce two new collections in their table top designs. Stitches and Leaf! It was love at first sight when I saw these.

Stitches_location_66_Download 72dpi JPG (RGB)_160876

Are these not just so elegant?! Clean lines, simple and yet sophisticated! Menu is well know for its crisp designs and they call their designs for soft minimalism, I would agree! 

Stitches_location_51_Download 72dpi JPG (RGB)_160874 Grey Stitches_Location_Gry Fager_05_Download 72dpi JPG (RGB)_160876 Grey Stitches_Location_Gry Fager_03_Download 72dpi JPG (RGB)_160874

Grey Stitches_Location_Gry Fager_02_Download 72dpi JPG (RGB)_160876 Grey Leaves_Location_Gry Fager_Download 72dpi JPG (RGB)_160875

Oh I can just picture these wonderful designs in a minimalistic and modern kitchen, great when hosting an elegant afternoon party or why not in a homely and warm kitchen. A cup of tea, scones, knittings and lots of gossip among good friends. The big Stitches bowl will end up in my own home, ready to be filled with Clementine at Christmas. 

Charlotte x 


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