Welcome LOVI!

Lovi, what a delightful brand! I have seen these quite a few times here and there, mostly magazines and at galleries. And this January we met them in London and now it is finally time to introduce Lovi to the shop. And what a success! A little box arrived all the way from Finland and it was such a delight to unpack. I could not stop smiling and I still three days later feel very happy about them.

So what is Lovi? Lovi is wooden figures made in northern Finland using Finnish wood. The idea started when the owner wanted to create a wooden Christmas ornament for her tree instead of plastic one. And then created one as a 3D puzzle using no glue and from then on it is. I also took the opportunity to assemble a little Christmas tree by my self and if I can do it then you can do it. Super simple and of course there are instructions in each package. The figures comes flat packed with a great postage label so just write who it is for and pop it in the post. Great little gift to cheer someone up, or as one lady mention her sister has a small flat and a little Christmas tree would be perfect for her. I would personally be so delighted if someone posted me a heart or a Little My because she is so pretty. Snorkmaiden, Moomin and Little My

We have only stocked a very small selection to start with but am looking forward to ordering in more and bigger items. They even do massive trees, taller than me!!! Lovi is also part of a re-planting schemes all over the world. Since 2009 they have helped planting 5000 trees a year. Keep up the good work LOVI!

I do hope you all will enjoy these as much as we do!

Charlotte x

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