Be seen, be safe…wear a reflector!

Delivery with more of the happy and fun reflectors by Swedish Popomax!

These are so good and they find new homes so swiftly. Bagpacks, school uniforms, handbags, prams, winter coats you name it!

In Sweden people always seem to carry reflectors, though my sister says she struggle to get her ten year old son to wear one, not cool enough!  But these ones he is kind of happy to wear because they are a bit funkier. Since I was brought up on the countryside the bus gave us them for free, the horrible hard ones. Often with a bank or insurance logo. But hey if the bus driver did not see you they drove by. At the moment I have noticed there are quite a lot of extra reminders in Sweden, November and December are really dark months before the snow falls and brightens it up a little. And people just need to be reminded a little bit extra now and then. Most accidents back home this time of year are with people not being seen.

Even though people seem to use more common sense on the countryside since often there is less street light, it is actually just as important to wear a reflector in town. Edinburgh is one dark city. I do not know who got the job to install all the streetlights but they did a terrible job. The side walks are dark, as long as the roads seem to be lit up it is ok. Often we grown-ups wear dark coats and we dash in between the cars crossing the roads. Thinking since you can see the car the driver can obviously see you. That is just not true. You as a pedestrian might be blinded by headlights and remember so does a driver, especially if it is wet outside. Other cars headlights and the dull wet makes you focus on the road and not on the side walks. Next time, you as a driver try to see how many people you see before 20 meters, good luck! And then compare it to someone wearing a reflector like a cyclist or a jogger (why do they wear reflectors and not everyone?). I bet you will be surprised!!!


I got a reflector vest for Stina and she is delighted to wear it. Got one for myself too but was less delighted to wear it, until I saw a mother and child out walking in Polwarth and wow you could see them quite clearly. I better get my vest on, even though I have one reflector on my jacket, one on my bag and one on my boots. Dark dogs, they are pretty impossible to see. Mum got a flashing colour and a vest for her dog and wearing a vest herself and something around her boots.

Now these days outdoor clothing is often decorated with reflectors, especially Swedish brands which is a bit of a trend here in the UK. Since my older sister used to live on a farm and also have two children we often inherited outdoor clothing from them. Brilliant, since the farm have big heavy machines and lots of traffic (people have their horses there) the children got proper glow in the dark outdoor clothing and these are great.You could probably see Stina from from the moon!

Now will you wear a reflector? I hope you do! Give the drivers a chance to see you!

And if you think a vest is seriously uncool why not a funky and happy reflector from us.

Have a lovely week!

Charlotte x

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