Oh wow

Oh wow it is heart-warming and amazing when someone recommends you and spread the word about us. Thank you Alex at WOW247.


This is a lovely list of independent boutiques in Edinburgh and we are included in the top ten. Us a tiny tiny shop, but hey it is true…we are all in for Scandinavian designs! And we do really work hard on being a bit different, and as you can tell when you enter the shop, we also love colours and happy designs. Scandinavian designs is not only about expensive furniture and clean lines, it is for me more about personality, colour and functional designs. We Swedes are very house proud hence why seasonal designs is so important, but for me it is not about showing of my expensive furniture (maybe because I don’t have any) it is more personal and more about making your home comfortable and welcoming. Your home should be where you close the door behind you, kick of your shoes and just breath, leave the worlds problems outside and just relax.

And I hope that we kind of do that, making your home a little bit more personal by being happy, different and stylish and yes of course Scandinavian because that I am and a very proud one too.

The girls, Richard and myself are delighted that you have found us and thank you for being part of our success. We will continue to hopefully make a lot of people very happy with cheerful gifts and treats for their homes.

Thank you

Charlotte x

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