Welcome Våga Jewellery

Oh finally, after years of thinking about it, we have dared to introduce jewellery. And what a fantastic brand to try it out with. Våga (Swedish word for dare) is a Swedish brand established in 2007 by two cousins with an eye and passion for classic designs with a little twist. They create lovely designs full of fun as well as simple and yet bold. All jewellery is nickel and led free.

I am delighted to be able to introduce their brand to our little shop. It sure makes the shop look very lovely and after years of supplying the lovely jewellery trees from Pluto Produkter it is nice to fill them with stunning necklaces and bracelets.

It is a bit tricky with jewellery, mostly since it is very rare I wear any myself. Wore a lot as a teenager, especially big earrings and had a thing for pearls. These days nothing, well one ring, my engagement ring. Not even a watch any more since I always have my phone with me. Why no jewellery? Well I like to blame it on the girls, but that is not an excuse really! You can still look smart even though you have children! Guess I just got used to not wearing any, but I think it is time for a little change. Am kind of in love with these bracelets and love the simplicity of the tiny heart necklace as well as some of the more chunky statement necklaces. Yes it is definitely time for me to start wear more jewellery.

Thank you Våga for making me dare something new! Hope you enjoy them too.

Charlotte x

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