We are FIVE!!!

This is amazing and we are so incredible happy to do this and grateful to all of you who support us and love us. THANK YOU!


Without you we would not have made it this far. Five years ago I was heavily pregnant and we were both super nervous both becoming parents and also opening up our very own shop and I do think it is fair to say we have done well. Now five years later and also another lovely child addition to our family we are still here and also growing stronger.

We love Spektakulär, I love that I can bring a bit from my home country (which I miss sooooooo much) to yours. And that also my passion for happy, inspirational and affordable designs can make a big change for some of you. The comments after we help finding a gift and the photos of how lovely your homes become makes this worth every minute of it. We also like to thank the amazing staff that have been our face outwards Jenny, Lisa, Emma, Åsa, Beata, Joanne, Zuzanna, Alix, Ruth and Anna. You have helped us build up the Spektakulär brand and we are so grateful! Thank you (Tack så mycket)!

As a thank you our lovely customers for your support we will offer 20% off all weekend, so from Friday 18th until Sunday 20th you can enjoy 20% off on everything that is available in the shop.

Hint hint now is a great opportunity to start that dreaded Christmas shopping (which is supposed to be fun).

At the moment at the shop, Autumn designs are starting to arrive and I sit with crazy (but lovely) Christmas orders. This Autumn we will introduce a lot of new brands. We already had a refill of the amazing Våga jewellery, Popomax reflectors, Sagaforms Autumn news and best sellers, Flensted Mobiles and lots more. I am also sitting with a new Pappelina order so if you like to order one now is the time and remember these ones will make someone very happy this Christmas.


Charlotte & Richard

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