Christmas is coming…

Oh it is time! Yes normally we wait until after Halloween but we do need to be closed for a day so tomorrow it is.

Spektakulär will be CLOSED tomorrow Sunday 30th October (only one day), but fear not Lilla is open as usual and we can hopefully grab a design or two if you are desperate (if we can find it among all the Christmas boxes, ladders, staff and mulled wine of course).

Now this is very exciting because this year I have ordered in quite a few new designs to both shops. We are delighted to introduce Christmas decorations from Stelton and Rosendahl , among other beautiful decorations. I am delighted! Not everything has arrived yet, but maybe that is a good thing because it will be nice to keep changing all the way until Christmas. However our main attraction has arrived and it is our gorgeous lighting. Stars and Advent Candle Bridges are in. So ones more the shop will shine and make everyone smile, just the way we love it! Ohhh I can not wait until Sunday night when we close up and leave the shop all happy (yet exhausted).

However the shop is looking pretty amazing at the moment, so pop in today for a brows before it will turn all Christmassy :)


Charlotte x

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