This Week’s Offer

Hey everyone, hope you had a peaceful/fun February break – I spent the last few days visiting my mum and seeing old friends and am now exhausted but it was worth it! If I wasn’t at work today I think that I would still be in my jammies, catching up on Netflix and wishing I had one of these fabulous tablet pillows… this week we have 30% off them!


all images from bosign

Most nights I sneak off to bed with my tablet and watch a bit of something (I know kids – do as I say, not as I do…) and inevitably at some crucial moment my tablet falls forward and I miss something!

Bosign’s shapeable tablet pillow works on all surfaces, hard and soft. You can adjust it so that it always has the best possible angle, no matter what position you are in. If you watch a movie, you can put your hands behind your head and just enjoy; the screen stays at a perfect watching angle.

Of course it isn’t just for binge watching in bed, if you want to use both hands for typing, the pillow keeps your tablet in the right position without you having to hold it.

Bosign’s brilliant design can hold the tablet in either a horizontal or vertical position. It rests securely in the pillow pocket and the silicone pattern on both sides of the pillow makes it stay in place on smooth, soft and rough surfaces. When you aren’t using your tablet you can even store it safely inside the internal pocket.  The cover is durable, water-repellent and of course easy to wash (hand wash cold).

Fits all iPad models.

• Shapeable soft pillow – comfy surfing
• Two positions – vertical and horizontal
• Two inner pockets – protective sleeve and storage
• Works on all surfaces, hard and soft
• The iPad/Tablet pc rests securely on the anti-slip surface
• Washable cover

Not only do we have the tablet pillows in various colours, we also have the stylish Bosign travel pillows, again with 30% off.  This versatile version of the tablet pillow isn’t just a stable and easy to use tablet stand it’s also a great neck pillow for travelling.


Bosign are such a clever company – we love their innovative designs in Spektakulär and we are very happy that so many of you seem to agree with us! Oh, I am already looking forward to tonight’s viewing!

Ruth x



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