Sence Copenhagen Offer

As part of our weekly offers in Spektakular we are offering a fabulous 10% off the Sence Copenhagen range of jewellery right up until Mother’s Day on March 11th (I know, longer than a week but that’s just because we love our mums!)

SENCE Copenhagen is a designer jewellery brand from Scandinavia and a fashion leader at the frontier of the latest trends. Most of their jewellery is strongly influenced by the trends, moods and colours of the fashion season and they look for the best quality materials for each of their jewellery pieces and use natural materials and semi-precious stones where possible. Sence are very proud that they never forget where they come from and take pride in their Scandinavian roots and dedication to quality.


Image by Sence Copenhagen 

We are delighted to be Sence stockists – we all love their easy to wear, beautifully made pieces. In Spektakular you will find necklaces, bracelets and earrings – all items come with a presentation bag and don’t forget we can gift wrap anything you buy.

Obviously you don’t have to buy them just for mum, treat anyone you love to a piece (that includes yourself…) You know it makes Sence (sorry, I’ll get my coat!)

Ruth x



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