Get Familiar With Familjen Tableware!

According to her website, Sandra Isaksson was raised by a family of trolls in the heart of a Swedish forest. Blueberrykissed; she sculpted clouds and painted rainbows, carved with wind and whittled snowflakes from skybears. Personally,  I am more than willing to believe her version of events! 

Sandra is an award winning graphic designer, product designer and illustrator with a master’s degree in graphic design & illustration from Designskolen Kolding in Denmark. She works as a freelance designer for international brands and runs her own Scandi-Brit fusion brand designing and producing a co-ordinated range of home accessories. All about beautiful happy things!  

In Spektakular we are delighted to stock her Familjen range of tableware. Familjen are a beautiful and happy people living in the far Lappish north, The Mintbergen village is so remote that the sun does not rise in winter nor set in the summer. The proximity to Russia has brought with it a certain taste for vodka.  It is worshipped for its many healing properties from curing melancholy to healing a broken heart! I find that gin has a similar effect on me…
The vodka used to arrive by the lorry load from Finland but these days the villagers make it themselves from home grown potatoes and flavourings from the forest. As you can imagine, its a happy and beautiful place to live!  
The quirky inhabitants are featured on Sandra’s fabulous range which includes mugs, trays, tea and coffee pots, plates, coasters, bowls and more. We love her designs in the shop, they never fail to make us smile! 
fam_large_tray-150x150.jpg    fam_plate_blue-150x150.jpg    fam_plate_green-150x150.jpg Screen-Shot-2015-08-07-at-12.02.56-150x150.png
(all images courtesy of Sandra Isaksson)
Pop in and see for yourselves, we think you’ll find these unmistakably Scandinavian designs pretty hard to resist…
See you soon, Ruth x

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