Not Just A Pretty Face…

Hey blog fans – Glad Påsk! Hope you are all enjoying this rather bracing (ok, freezing!) Easter break. I have already blogged about one of our favourite brands RICE but I just wanted to add a little to it as I think the amazing charity work they do deserves to be shouted about.

Every year RICE takes an active part in developing projects and relief work all over the world. They do this because they strongly believe in the saying: No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone. I think this is a very good motto to live by – I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling totally overwhelmed sometimes by what’s going on around the world but if we can all do a little then great things can happen.

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is a vital part of the RICE ethos. Over the years they have engaged in several projects helping people in need all across the globe and their new Hope Is BRIGHT range supports the work of UNICEF. About 844 million people are without access to a basic water service and every year UNICEF provides millions with clean water. For every Hope IS BRIGHT product sold, together they donate 1.5 EUR – these 1.5 EUR can provide 1800 L of clean water or provide 1 days ration of therapeutic food to a child in need.

In Lilla we now have boxed sets of two gorgeous lupin design cups in the popular larger size (great for drinking from but you could also use them as small vases. I love this design so much, lupins are my favourite garden flowers so I’d like to see them displayed all day in my house!)

Like all RICE products, these sets are made of hard wearing melamine and are BPA free. Now that you know the good work they do, you can enjoy the Hope IS BRIGHT products with a clean conscience!


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