LILLA is growing up…


As we all know there are some changes in the world of retail, we hear daily reports of shop closures and as a retailer it is a worry. Retail can be a tough business to be in sometimes.  We have seen costs rise and a glance along any high street will show this is taking its toll on everyone.

However when we look at our shops we believe we have our best selection ever, great brands and amazing products which we are delighted with.

We opened LILLA a couple of years ago, and we knew we had some popular childrens’ products in SPEKTAKULÄR and wanted to expand the selection and give these fantastic brands the shelf space they deserved. We filled LILLA with fantastic Scandinavian and Nordic designs for the young ones such as the clever PlusPlus, super duper cute Maileg, the ever so fun and funky Rice and of course the Moomins. Our girls love hanging with us in the shop testing all the toys for quality control!

LILLA has had an amazing positive reaction, but ultimately the growth in sales hasn’t been enough to make a sustainable “stand alone” store.  Time to change!

We have taken the decision to fold LILLA back inside the main SPEKTAKULÄR brand and put more focus on the brands for adults.  This doesn’t mean we won’t stock any kids things – just that they will return to being just a part of the overall range.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Due to this we are making some quite big changes to the shops at the moment! So for the next couple of weeks LILLA stock is now displayed in Spektakulär and our LILLA shop is now a 100% SALE SHOP!! There are some absolutely fantastic designs in this SALE  at number 15 Colinton Road and you will not be disappointed!! So please make sure you visit our SALE SHOP to check out all the great bargains :)

After that there will be “DOUBLE SPEKTAKULÄR”!!  Everything you love, but more of it.


Charlotte and Richard xxx






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