Eight years of Spektakulär!!


Oh yes we are eight! Wow just need to think about that one a little. Eight years…wow!


Our opening day 18.09.2010

And what an amazing and challenging eight years it has been. Huge learning curves, plenty mistakes. But all the knowledge that I have gained, (yes I do doubt my knowledge sometimes even though I know I shouldn’t) I am proud of that education.  What I value the most of everything I have experienced during these eight years,  it would be the people I have met. Many customers have become personal friends, and all the help and love that we receive from suppliers and fellow shop owners  is truly powerful. We are not alone in this world of retail, we are a good gang and along the way I have collected friends who we collaborate with, to help each other grow both as businesses and as people. Eight years along the road I am truly, and I mean truly, grateful for all the fantastic support our customers have given us and encouragement during difficult times. And thank you for coming back!

I am treating you tonight with some before and after pictures from the shop. We found lots of me but no I did not do pregnant beautifully. Stina was born in October 2010 so I was pretty large…no that is an understatement I was humongous and I really do not want to share those photos.


Wow so much fabric, and such calming and gentle colours
When Stina was just a couple of months fast asleep under her blanket
Stina, a few months old modelling our favourite Cloud blankets
Advent Star
Our very first Christmas star! 2011


We quickly decided that colour was our way forward and we are so happy we became a colourful shop, still Scandi though


Scandi Christmas
We are getting better at our            Scandi Christmas 2012
Stina’s little sister Lovisa April 2013

 Shop had a repaint a tidy and it gave us a blank canvas to rethink new ideas…

2016 Lilla was opened, Lilla which mean Little in Swedish was our Childrens’ shop and I was so incredible proud of this colourful, happy little gem. Sadly this year we had to take the tough decision to fold Lilla back into the rest of the business and have two Spektakulär shops where we could display our stock the way we wanted.

Image by lovely Aleichia W

Today we have Spektakulär HOME and Spektakulär GIFT. But soon very soon this beautiful shop will become our best ever idea. A full on Scandi/Nordic Christmas shop!! We cannot wait because we love to come to work during the Christmas season, the shops are soooooo cosy and I love being there early just sitting eating my breakfast enjoying all the Swedish stars and this years it is going to be even bigger and even better than ever.

Once again thank you with the bottom of my heart for your great support and love

Charlotte x


2 thoughts on “Eight years of Spektakulär!!

  1. Liz Butchart

    My fav shop in Scotland! Thank you for bringing a wee bit of Scandi light, warmth and best of all colour into our Scottish home!
    And for being so nice – such a lovely, friendly shop to visit 💕

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