Time To Shine

Ok, it’s that time of year again when I feel it’s my duty to put my mum hat on with you all (don’t worry, you’re not in trouble and I’ve brought snacks.)

It’s November. I know, don’t get me started on time flying and all that, but c’mon, where does it go? This time of year can be beautiful and recently we have been treated to some stunning Edinburgh sunrises and sunsets and the kind of cold, crisp weather that keeps me here. However November sunsets inevitably lead to only one thing – darkness! Even at this very moment I am in the shop, it’s 3.20pm and I can see the light fading outside. Any minute now the kids will be excitedly belting out of school and this year, as ever, we have just the thing to help keep them (and you) safe on the journey home.

A reflector is an essential safety item for anyone who is spending time outside in low visibility conditions. It can reflect the light from an oncoming vehicle and make you visible from up to 125 meters (400 feet) away, compared to only 30 meters (100 feet) away without one and that really could make all the difference.

We have stocked reflectors for many years and we love a delivery of the bright happy designs. At the moment our chosen brand is Firefly as we have found they are well made, stylish, fun and most importantly super reflective. Designed in Sweden they really are fantastic and deliver what they promise – great visibility. I have loads, my kids have loads, my dog Boo has probably more than she needs but hey, she’s black and totally invisible when walking at night! I love the Bowie style lightning bolt (I have a sticker one on my jacket and a chain one on my bag.) My kids might think they’re too cool for reflectors now they are teens but still have them on their bags and probably need them more since they are out by themselves so much. My favourite at the moment is the new tassel reflector. They are gorgeous and come in a variety of colours each with a sturdy clip and a heart charm – I think Boo is in for another little treat!

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