A Spektakular Fresh Start

Happy New Year lovely ones! Hope you all had a wonderful time, are fully recovered and back in some kind of routine as opposed to constantly looking bemused and asking what day it is! 

As with every new year, there are a lot of hashtags doing the rounds to encourage us to give something up after the excesses of the past few weeks – #dryjanuary #veganuary #nomorequalitystreeteveragainuary (ok, made that one up, but I know you get it.)  Personally I am giving up holding onto things that don’t make me happy – clearing out all the ‘stuff’ in my house that I once thought I needed or liked but now mock me from dusty piles and stops me actually loving my home as much as I should. In some respects it’s just a case of my tastes changing, since working in Spektakular I have morphed from full on Cath Kidston/60’s kitsch to aspiring Scandi (with a deep love of 20th century modern but they are luckily a perfect match!) 

Can I add here that I have never read or watched Marie Kondo but I am guessing we are on the same page here! I am gathering my army of Ikea bags (naturally!) and am itching to clear my shelves of books I’ll never read, ornaments I no longer notice, dvds and cds that lie redundant on sagging shelves and many, many half finished craft projects. I will donate, throw away and recycle with a force rarely seen in a middle age woman and won’t rest until my house is a minimalist dreamland (it’ll still be filthy but at least I’ll be able to see the dirt – hoorah!)

In the calm after this clearing storm, I will gather my now small collection of much loved possessions and actually enjoy finding new spots for them where they will shine and bring me joy again. I know that this will not only have a physical effect on my home but on me too – room to breathe and a calmer place to just be. 

This is of course all very Scandinavian. They are the masters of pared down design and functionality – yes things can be beautiful but if they can be useful and/or multi-functional too then all the better. Now that both our Spektakular shops have quietened down again and we have recovered from a brilliantly busy 2 months (thank you to all our amazing customers for your support!), we are starting to rearrange our stock so it flows and connects and yes, makes us happy to be in the shops! I truly believe that nothing should be bought halfheartedly, money is short for a lot of us and one carefully picked piece that brings years of joy is worth 10 bits of ‘stuff’ that we will resign to those big blue bags in 6 months time. We take great pride in what we do and believe in our brands and hopefully have the balance right between (for example) simple beautiful objects like the Lindform vases and Sence jewellery and the stylish but functional pieces like Aveva and Sagaform. I dislike the word curate – it is very overused but it does make sense sometimes so I’ll let it in on this occasion – come to Spektakular Home and Spektakular Gifts and begin to curate your own collection of design happiness (maybe have a mini clear out first, no need to go full Marie Kondo though!)

Ruth xx

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