Spektakulär Specs

Sunshine!!! This week we were treated to some beautiful Edinburgh weather and wow, doesn’t it make a difference? People are smiling, the mood is a cheerful one, we only need 3 heaters on in the shop and life is sweet. Ok, I am typing this after a day of cloud and drizzle but the sun will be back – we are having another glorious summer this year I promise.*

I buy sunglasses all the time, it’s a bit of an addiction – similar to the one that has led to a mug/cushion buying ban in my house. The ones I wear the most though are my mum’s old Raybans, simply because they make me think of her and on days like today when I am feeling tired I can safely hide behind them.

Having said that, I am now going to have to get my purse out again and reinvest my wages as Charlotte has just taken on a new range for the shop and they look amazing.

Proving that sharp, modern eyewear doesn’t have to cost the earth, Danish company Have A Look has a full range of quality glasses and sunglasses at fantastic prices. You can choose between plus and minus strength, while sunglasses come both with and without lenses. We are expecting a delivery of reading glasses and sunglasses and there are even bifocal sunglasses – glasses that only have a prescription lens in a small area at the bottom of the lens, while the rest of the lens has plain glass and acts as a normal pair of sunglasses. The lenses offer UV protection, of course bifocal glasses are practical, because they act both as normal sunglasses and as outdoor reading glasses.

The styles are modern and sleek as you’d expect from those ice-cool Scandis so there is guaranteed to be a style to suit everyone.

See you on the sunny side, Ruth xx

*please remember a glorious summer in Scotland can mean 3 days so I cannot be held responsible for any crushing disappointment…

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