Spektakulär is sadly temporarily CLOSED!

Unfortunately we have taken the decision to CLOSE Spektakulär temporarily! It was for sure not an easy decision, but I just could not face weeks after weeks of us not being allowed to leave our homes if it gets any worse, so lets try to stop this.

For now however I can post any beautiful designs you see on our social media, I will be in the shop now and then, so you can collect when I am there or we can deliver locally. We can take payments over the phone, I do have a portable card reader and we also have a paypal account. Mail order, postage is at a standard £4.50 for small parcel 1st class signed for (however if you rather not meet your postie we can sort it). Over £75 is free shipping.

This is crazy! I am not sure how else to describe it! To look outside and see the blue skies, wake up to light mornings, the wonderful Spring sun, listening to the Spring birds and feeling refreshed by the air. To tell the girls no you can not go and play with your friends and no you can not go to school! I can not spend time with my friends and I can not keep my shop open as unfortunately there will be people who are ill who does not respect the advice and will continue to spread it. Yes even if we are tiny, only so many people in the shop at one time we can not guarantee it is safe. And I need my staff to be safe!

But trying to stay positive, some days are and will be easier than others! I am trying to see what we can do at home right now. I am, believe it or not, a tiny little bit excited about spending time with my family. The girls have grown up with a mother who has dragged them around with her business constantly on her mind so now I shall spend some time with them. I have a massive pile of books to read, films to watch, cakes to bake, letters to write (!!) and I also thought it is time to get knitting again. Those projects I have thought: ha what a joke…when will I have time to do them? Well now perhaps! Most of all I really really like us to go hill walking, it has been something I have nagged my city family about, so as long as it is safe to do so. However seeing on the news people going crazy on the hills and car parks overflowing with people and litter…well that is not so good. Plus our car has broken down so we just have to wander locally for a little bit.

However one more thing I will do!!! WEBSHOP!! Yup about bloody time you think! Actually this is what I am supposed to tell you rather than going on and on about all the other private stuff, feelings and thoughts!

I have been so reluctant to create a webshop as I know it is so much hard work. It is everything I am not, I truly believe in small shops, personal service, good chats and it is so good for a local community. The whole meeting and greeting other people idea! However now is another time, so now I shall build a little webshop. I am pretty sure it will take me a couple of evenings/weeks, some bottles of wine, lots (and I mean lots) of bread dipped in lurpac plus throw in some foul language…but then we should all be fine.

I will not be at the shop daily but I can be flexible if you like to come and collect. Richard is working from home and I do need to continue to walk my 10000 steps a day for Cancer Research. Even though right now I am feeling less inspired to do so. A fast walk will most likely be good for my mental health and fresh air is good for us all. Plus Cancer wont stop only because Corona is here! Please sponsor me, it will be needed and it will keep me going! Link below!


Stay safe wonderful people and be kind! To yourself, your neighbours and our fantastic planet. Do not overspend on rubbish you will just bin, make sure you check in on the elderly lady down the road ( if you have energy) and make sure you respect the advice and stay in if you are not well!

Charlotte x

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