Day 5



I am as always not organised, I gave myself a task with this and I am already struggling and am only on day 5 so please do give me ideas or suggestions what you like to know about Spektakulär or something from the shop that makes you happy.

So today when I was out walking my steps for Cancer Research, I walked around a deserted Edinburgh. I have seen it like this before but only when late or early, never in the middle of the day and especially not on a Sunday. Walking at the moment feels so odd and uncomfortable but people are very very good at giving each other space. The only busy place was the Meadows and it was not too bad. When I got up to the Castle and saw that basically there were less than ten people there I relaxed a lot and I managed to snap this photo. I did walk a long walk to the shop today. We still need to go and check on the shop so there are no leaks, overflows, broken windows or vandalism. And while walking I was thinking about today’s picture for my challenge and it became this one. It is, to be frank a pretty terrible picture, but this was the view that made me fall in love with Edinburgh 13 years ago.

How do you chose a town/city/village to become your new home? Often you stay near family or you go with work. We, well we met in London and in 2007 the company we both worked for went into administration while we were on holiday in Scotland. Richard is from Aberdeen and we were up to visit his family and drove around Scotland. In the middle of the panic of losing our jobs (and for Richard who worked for that company for 15 years he felt he was about to lose his family), we travelled to spend some time in Edinburgh. I remember Richard took me here and even if it was raining I just fell in love. Almost a year later we left London and rented a flat in Edinburgh (which we still rent today).

What I love about Edinburgh is that it is a small, beautiful city with nature so extremely close. 20 mins from the city centre you have hills, fields, water and another hour you will be in the highlands. One of the things that made me feel at home quickly here is that the nature is very similar to home. It is full of independent shops and cafes, it is family friendly and welcoming.

Yes I often, basically every day want to move, either home or to the country! My dream home is a comfortable charming house full with nooks and crannies plus a big garden. I guess we all need to have dreams and this is my biggest dream and running my own shop of course.

So today’s happiness is Edinburgh! If you have never been please do visit (once it is safe to do so) and please do come and visit the shop and our great neighbourhood!

Charlotte x

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