Finally we have a webshop! So for all of you who has asked me or more direct told me to sort myself out and get a webshop… well here it is!


My goodness this was hard work, it basically like opening a new shop and I have learnt so much along the way. I even designed and made a favicon (check me out). The red colour is the classic Swedish red houses and we like to keep it easy and personal. So go on have a little look and perhaps order something or why not share it with a friends.

As you know the shop is full of wonderful Scandi and Nordic designs and sadly not everything is up on the webshop yet, but fear not, I will continue to add designs daily and also please do follow us on our social media channels where I will continue to show latest products once they arrive.

This blog will slowly move over to our new webshop blog but not just yet. Step by step we are heading towards a new chapter in our business. Exciting times ahead!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Girls are finally on summer holiday and I am super happy that I have now officially resigned as their teacher or at least gone on summer holiday as well.

Charlotte x

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