Welcome Muurla!

As you know we have stocked the fantastic Moomins enamel mugs, jugs, pots and tumblers as well as the romantic glassware range Nostalgie (one of my personal favourites) for a while. However Finnish Muurla do so much more and we are delighted to introduce the Muurla Retro ranges in enamel. Too much choice for me so lets introduced a little by each range for you to find the perfect match.

Now, why enamel? What is the big deal about enamel, for me it is all about my childhood summers, camping trips, scouts, our summerhouse, summer rain and lots more.It is something about the noise that brings back memories, happy memories! Enamel is a traditional and nostalgic material. These products by Muurla consist by a carbon steel core and a double coating of enamel. The carbon steel core is the base of its durability and the enamel layer provides a hygienic and easy to clean surface. Good news is also that all enamel items can be used on any kind of stove (from induction to an open fire).

Muurla is very proud of their enamel products which we can tell. Lovely designs and stunning details creates a perfect finish. The happy retro designs adds joy to cooking and serving. And we are delighted, to unpack this delivery was pure happiness for me.

I have not decided yet which one of these lovely designs I enjoy the most, do I have too? Blue Flower, Onions, Yellow and Black Leaves…go on see if you can choose a favourite (impossible)!


Charlotte x

Next Pappelina order… 1st September

Hooray! Time for another Pappelina order. They are so popular and I am so pleased how delighted our customers are with their plastic rugs and coming back for more, just like us working here at Spektakulär. We all love our rugs!

I am so excited to let you know that Pappelina has introduced a new size, so now there is two designs with the new 85 cm width size. Some of you find their standard 70 cm too slim and I am so pleased to see the new size. Hopefully it will make some of you very happy. The two new designs in 85 cm is called MONO and DUO and their lengths are 160 cm or 260 cm. The designs are simple yet classic. MONO is plain with two similar colours to create a warm and welcoming feeling and DUO is a lovely stripy design, we Swedes do love our stripes. 

      MONO Pappelina rug in Olive and Lime green. Image by Pappelina
DUO in Warm Grey and Vanilla. Image by Pappelina

Not only is Pappelina incredible at making beautiful plastic rugs at a high standard, together with with Swedish Klippan Pappelina has created the most stunning blankets in high quality. The Honey blanket is a new favourite for me. In 50% Wool and 50% Cotton Chenille, the softness is amazing and to be honest, how sad this may sound, I am looking forward to a dull dark Autumn evening with a cup of tea, candle lights, cuddling up in a warm cozy blanket with a good book.

Beautiful Honey Blanket in Turquoise/Vanilla. Image by Pappelina
Stylish Marre in Black/Vanilla. Image by Pappelina

Oh the shop will look fantastic in a few months, lots of cozy blankets, stunning rugs and I love their super stylish cushions. Pappelina has introduce more cushions in pretty designs and bold colours. These cushions are printed in Sweden at Rydboholmstextil and the cover is in 100% cotton canvas. The cushions come completed with a feather inner.

Super Stylish Cushions in stunning designs and colours. Image by Pappelina

What I personally love about Pappelina is the quality. Just the feeling and the look at a Pappelina product make you warm inside. It is good quality design that lasts. While I was home this time I saw many plastic rugs by other brands and I am so pleased that I never ever thought of stocking anyone else then Pappelina. I have seen horrible copies, no edges (basically just cut off, and then folded and sewn over to create an edge). And then if you feel them, they have been thin and far less comfortable underfoot.

I am saving up for a new rug or perhaps two more. One large for under my dining table and one super long for my hallway, but since I have a kind of funny shaped hallway I might need a super long and two small ones…oh I better set up a secret Pappelina saving account, I hope Richard does not read this! 

If you like to know more about Pappelina, check out their website. It is a very stylish website and their images are beautiful. There you can find all their designs, colours and sizes. However do pop in, call us on 0131 629 0941 or email me at hello@spektakular.co.uk if you like any more information, we are happy to help. Our next order will be placed on Monday and we normally say about six weeks for delivery, but recent orders has turned up within three to four weeks. If they don’t have them in stock they will make the rug for us. If you can not make up your mind straight away, we place orders regularly and I am ordering in quite a few rugs to the shop so you can always come in and have a feel and look.


Charlotte x

Pappelina delivery

A wonderful Pappelina delivery is due in tomorrow and I am so excited. Pappelina has created some beautiful new designs and I am excited to see your reactions. This order grew a bit bigger than first planned but we just could not resist. And now I am quite glad we placed a large order since we have sold quite a few in the last couple of weeks and the shop looks rather empty.

I am so pleased  to see how the interest and the love have grown for these amazing plastic rugs. Pappelina is created by talented Lina Rickardsson, who brought back the plastic rugs from the 40’s and 50’s Sweden into the 21st century with clever and modern designs. Why plastic? It is an excellent idea, plastic rugs are hard wearing, easy to clean and believe it or not they are very soft under foot. They are perfect for hallway, kitchen, bathroom, playroom, conservatory or why not under your dining table. I was surprised how lovely they made my home look, now I can not get enough of them, non-slip and so easy to clean (they seem to hide any crumbs).

Since we are such a small shop we obviously can not stock all designs and sizes so we do place orders with Pappelina regularly. However once a order is placed it can take up to six weeks until delivery since the rugs are being made after our order. It is a very delicate procedure to create these amazing long lasting products which Pappelina rightly take great pride in.

Charlotte x