Pappelina delivery

A wonderful Pappelina delivery is due in tomorrow and I am so excited. Pappelina has created some beautiful new designs and I am excited to see your reactions. This order grew a bit bigger than first planned but we just could not resist. And now I am quite glad we placed a large order since we have sold quite a few in the last couple of weeks and the shop looks rather empty.

I am so pleased  to see how the interest and the love have grown for these amazing plastic rugs. Pappelina is created by talented Lina Rickardsson, who brought back the plastic rugs from the 40’s and 50’s Sweden into the 21st century with clever and modern designs. Why plastic? It is an excellent idea, plastic rugs are hard wearing, easy to clean and believe it or not they are very soft under foot. They are perfect for hallway, kitchen, bathroom, playroom, conservatory or why not under your dining table. I was surprised how lovely they made my home look, now I can not get enough of them, non-slip and so easy to clean (they seem to hide any crumbs).

Since we are such a small shop we obviously can not stock all designs and sizes so we do place orders with Pappelina regularly. However once a order is placed it can take up to six weeks until delivery since the rugs are being made after our order. It is a very delicate procedure to create these amazing long lasting products which Pappelina rightly take great pride in.

Charlotte x

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