Klippan Blankets

This time a year I really enjoy reading! It is dark early in the evening, and I just love getting cozy under a blanket, a cup of tea and a good book! Unfortunately it has not been as many cozy moments this winter (well it is not over yet). My girls even though they sleep alright the little one just wont settle in the evening and when she does I am out! So tired and I just have to sit in the sofa and stare at the TV. Which is I must admit rather sad! Why watch TV when you can read a good book?!

Anyway enough about me not reading as much as I liked! Before Christmas we introduced new blankets by Swedish Klippan. Klippan is a family run company based in Skåne, South Sweden. This is a well known brand in Sweden with truly amazing quality designs. And we love them. Think all of us in the shop have eyed up a blanket or two and my personal favorite is the Moose blanket (which we sold pretty fast, more will be ordered).

And I love Vilda… It sure does remind me of a “Pippi” Jumper. Have a few of those!

We can easily order Klippan blankets and they are pretty popular (especially this time a year), so do pop in and have a feel! The softest cotton and eco lambswool mixed with beautiful colours and designs….true happiness!

Charlotte x

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