HOME and Top Drawer London 2014

After a weekend in London I am full of inspiration! Enjoy the buzz of London (Richard and I did meet here years ago) but I love Edinburgh. Beautiful, fresh air and not too big. The city of London never seem to end! Home it takes 15 minutes in the car and we can see water, hills or even sheep. Perfect for a girl who grew up on the countryside.

Anyway we took a couple of days off, left the girls with the grandparents (did miss them a lot) and headed south to London and trade fairs.  Fresh designs from Sagaform, Pappelina, Linum, Broste Copenhagen and lots more. And we spoke to so many amazing designers and suppliers. Unfortunately some stands still have a no photography policy so not many photos. Stupid if I may say so!!! As a buyer we see so much, so many brands and so much new ideas. And in a couple of days when I will go through all this information that we gathered then photos is a fantastic way to jog your memory. Plus the exhibitors so often create great eye catching collections which I might not remember and like to use in the shop. I guess it is all about protecting your designs but no I hardly ever place orders at the fairs and few people do now these days so please designers let us take photos…

Visited a lot of great brands, such as Allihopa, Lagom Designs, Teddy Kompaniet, Sagaform, QDO, Broste, Pappelina. And of course we visited stunning Ittala and Marimekko. Can not go to the fair and not visit these stunning brands. I do know that many of you like us to stock them, not yet I am afraid.

I did place an order at Pappelina, just loved all the new colours and designs. After Christmas we have seen a huge interest in the rugs and orders have been placed. If you would like to order a rug, please feel free! We can still add on. Click here and have a look at their website, give us a call 0131 629 0941 or email me at hello@spektakular.co.uk for more information.

Right new year resolutions! Well as always got a few I know for sure wont happen so I normally try not to make any plans, just go with the flow! However this year…oh I really really hope that we can get our webshop up and running! Our girls are a bit bigger and starting to sleep better. And it is getting lighter outside so hopefully a little bit more energy as well (it is needed)!

Okay I have a little time for myself (little one is asleep) so shall sit down with a cup of coffee and look through all the information that we gathered at the fair. It will be a colourful Spring at Spektakulär.

Charlotte x

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