Christmas time

Hooray…no more alarms for us. Richard has taken time off work, Stina’s nursery is closed for two weeks and our lovely girls are looking after the shop for us. However the little human alarm is wide awake. Was happily scratching me in the face until I woke up.
But to be honest I enjoy this. She sits on the floor playing with her toys, I have my essential coffee and the news are on. The Christmas tree is lit and my Advent stars are making me feel cozy and happy, amazing what a few lights can do.

You might think that as a Swede owning a shop like Spektakulär my Christmas tree should be super stylish…you could not be more wrong. We got such a tacky tree but we love it. I bought it for nothing three years ago. Stina was a tiny baby, shop was brand new, our first Christmas which was a new experience and that snow…oh nightmare! Edinburgh council can not handle snow!!! Anyway I bought this tree and it was fine then and during the years we grown to love it. Did think that maybe this year we would invest in a real tree, Stina is big enough and Lovisa is young enough but Richard said: No I enjoy this tree…

Stina helped me hang the decorations and I try to spread them out but they magically goes back. 

Today Stina and I will spend a little quality time together. Think we will go into town and visit the Christmas market. Do a little Christmas shopping and hopefully enjoy a cup of hot chocolate somewhere. Have a lovely Friday!!!

Charlotte x

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