Ohhh the smell of fresh paint…

Who would have known that a little bit of paint could bring so much happiness! No there has not been that many big changes to the shop but it is sooo bright! And sooooo Scandinavian! And for someone like me who loves working with a blank canvas this is just perfect. I shall hopefully be a bit more creative in the future…oh lots of ideas and so many options.

But let’s just start by getting everything back out in the shop again, took me some time I must admit and I am glad Zuzanna gave me a hand and also Richard of course (I am still working on it today and will probably be for a few days). I do recommend a little visit to the shop now since it still is rather empty and not filled with seasonal Autumn stock (just you wait).

Here are some images from the shop, hope you like it!

Next week a MASSIVE delivery is due in from Swedish Spira. We saw them a few weeks ago in Borås and oh love love love them. Spria’s fabric and patterns are of fabulous quality, super stylish and happy cheerful. I think you all will love it…I really hope it will be me who gets this delivery!


Charlotte x

Welcome Muurla!

As you know we have stocked the fantastic Moomins enamel mugs, jugs, pots and tumblers as well as the romantic glassware range Nostalgie (one of my personal favourites) for a while. However Finnish Muurla do so much more and we are delighted to introduce the Muurla Retro ranges in enamel. Too much choice for me so lets introduced a little by each range for you to find the perfect match.

Now, why enamel? What is the big deal about enamel, for me it is all about my childhood summers, camping trips, scouts, our summerhouse, summer rain and lots more.It is something about the noise that brings back memories, happy memories! Enamel is a traditional and nostalgic material. These products by Muurla consist by a carbon steel core and a double coating of enamel. The carbon steel core is the base of its durability and the enamel layer provides a hygienic and easy to clean surface. Good news is also that all enamel items can be used on any kind of stove (from induction to an open fire).

Muurla is very proud of their enamel products which we can tell. Lovely designs and stunning details creates a perfect finish. The happy retro designs adds joy to cooking and serving. And we are delighted, to unpack this delivery was pure happiness for me.

I have not decided yet which one of these lovely designs I enjoy the most, do I have too? Blue Flower, Onions, Yellow and Black Leaves…go on see if you can choose a favourite (impossible)!


Charlotte x