New Pappelina order will be place 29th July

Yes it is time for a new order from Pappelina. The rugs are getting more and more attention and just like me, our customers are falling in love with them. Once you get one you are hooked ;)

Plastic rugs are something that I grew up with, (not realising then how great they were) as well as rugs made of old rags (which is another great idea I am looking into for the shop). Pappelina use a traditional weaving technique from the 40’s, with modern plastics, and new designs. They started in 1999 and from there it has kicked off and they re-introduced the so clever plastic rug in our homes.

Last time I visited my grandmother in Gothenburg I realised she had them in her kitchen, bathroom and in the hallway and she bought them in the 60’s and still looking fabulous! When I visited my other grandmother in Uddevalla she had one on the balcony and in the summer-house and even here at my mum’s, there is one on the balcony. They are absolutely spectacular, so easy to wash, just put them in the washing machine or put them in the shower or bathtub and hose them down, using a soft sponge on any particularly dirty bits . Or, as one of our customers told us, use babywipes! I sure have plenty of those lying around…

We have one in our kitchen, the lovely Lilo in azure blue, and a soft Svea is moving in with Stina as soon as she leaves our bedroom.

Please do checkout their website and come in and see us or give us a ring and we are happy to help with dimensions, designs and let you know the price. Next order will be placed Friday the 29th of July, so plenty of time to measure.  We try to place orders together so shipping costs are low and we can keep prices competitive.

Have a lovely browse

Charlotte x

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