Well Halloween is not a Swedish tradition, but during the years it has started to become a more common sight in the shops and I know my nephew who is seven has a Halloween party. Traditions do change, but what we Swedes do at Halloween or the weekend during 31st of October – 6st of November, is the time when we remember our loved ones and we go to the graveyards and light up candles and it is a  spectacular sight when you walk or drive by at night and you see the graveyards all gloomy and it looks so beautiful.  We call it “Alla Helgons Dag” guess it would translate to All Saints Day. I must admit I am not that sure what the real meaning of the name is…

Image by Kjell Isberg

But since Halloween is getting closer I have managed to get a few lovely new taper candles by Ester & Erik. In black and orange of course! We have a few ghost sponges left as well as skull napkins and teatowels. And of course if you are off for a house party at Halloween I do have gifts and lots of them.

Have a lovely weekend

Charlotte x

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