What a lovely day…

Beautiful Spring day today, the sun was out, the air crisp and best of all no wind!

Today I have been preparing the shop for more Spring designs, we already had delivery from Menu, Pluto Produkter and Sagaform this week and next week we expect Pappelina rugs and a large cushion delivery from Linum. How I love being in the shop when we get deliveries, especially Linum since the look of the shop transforms and it looks like a brand new shop when you walk in.

But for now, check out some brand new designs from Sagaform We are very pleased to introduce a couple great products which I think you will be as thrilled about as I am.

I think the new Dandy pattern is lovely and very cheerful, the size on the mug is pleasant and a bit different since it is more square than round. The tea towels  in sets of two comes in gift box and will turn up within the next coming weeks.

New pattern in the ever so popular Blossom tea set series “Sunflower” will now join the Clover, Tulip and Daisy tea sets. A lovely mug in a warm yellow flower with a matching yellow silicone teaball and a lovely round tin. Perfect for the tea lover!

But must say my favourite is the Meccano candle holder in oak. Stunning feature on the dining table. You can puzzle it however you like, hence the name meccano.

Hope to see you soon

Charlotte x

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