Delivery week

Delivery after delivery this week,  which is so fantastic! It sure makes us happy here at Spektakular. Spring is in the air and after a delivery from Linum the shop is starting to get a new fresh look with lots of beautiful cushions.

Pappelina arrived with lots of plastic rugs, and it is such a joy to see the lovely designs and colours that we have not had in before. Lots of lovely doormat sizes 50×70 cm as well as old favourites in 70×90 cm. A really good size for bathrooms, kitchen, outdoors or why not as a doormat. But of course longer ones in lovely designs as well!

Well you just have to pop in and have a look. Hope to see you soon.

Charlotte x

2 thoughts on “Delivery week

  1. Anna

    Hi Charlotte,
    Just wanted to let you know that I managed to fit the light grey pappelina rug I bought yesterday in my bathroom after all and it looks fab! Thanks so much for your help.

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