Easter Sunday

We took the opportunity to keep the shop closed on Easter Sunday so we could invite all our lovely girls working in the shop with their families to come over for Easter lunch  Swedish style… well all of us girls are Swedish except Emma our very own Aussie.

So it was a squash and a squeeze, but so lovely to have us all gather at the same time. I know the pictures are not very good and I kind of forgot to take photos as well but here only a a few, and none of us! Terrible:)

Egg, herring, meatballs, Jansson's temptation and lots more yummy food
Who needs messy water colours when you can use felt tip pens just as well to decorate the eggs
Åsa made a fantastic carrot cake, only managed to get a photo after people went for it:)
Emma our own "Masterchef" had baked the most fantastic brownies and rockcakes...yummy

Easter in Sweden is a bit different than here, but it has also changed a bit since I was a child as well. We use to dress up as witches and knock on peoples doors asking for sweets. Kind of like Halloween I guess, but we also gave a lovely handmade pictures as well. I remember my dad used to hide paper Easter eggs around the house filled with pick and mix… amazing how they coped with us children all sugared up!?

As I remember it a Easter lunch/dinner is not far off our Christmas lunch, a bit more fish perhaps. We obviously eat a lot of herring, lax, egg and lamb at Easter and rinse it down with a strong Schnapps and sing silly songs.

I need to take some photos of us who works in the shop…one day!

Charlotte x

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