Day trip…

A few weeks ago we took a little weekend off and went to spend time in Aberdeen with the in-laws. It was as always a very enjoyable visit with lots of good food and time for us to relax while Stina entertained her grandparents.

On our way home we went to visit lovely Paula of Farnell, this is a fantastic place to visit if you like a day trip out. The shop is owned by a very friendly lady named Paula who is Danish and when you are in the shop you get that truly Scandinavian feel! It has a lot of character since it is an old school house, half is a shop the other half is a café full of Danish Pastries and Smörrebröd.

I enjoy a visit here all year around but my favourite time is Christmas time, with log fires and light up candles all over. This is the place I find unique gifts or things for my home! Things that are a bit different and homely. Since I love finding different designs and enjoy mixing the styles at home, I somehow always manage to leave this place with that perfect treat or gift, and yet I have still not been disappointed.


Lovely entrance

Bright sunny day

I really recommend a trip here all year around,  don’t forget to write down your name for a table as soon as you get there because it can get really busy!

Charlotte x

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