Stunning MENU delivery!

As soon as a delivery arrives I get very excited.  So when Danish MENU arrived last Friday afternoon, lucky me was the one to receive it, unpacked it and got super thrilled! Stunning fresh designs! Over the weekend lots of the products became new favourites with our customers and got new homes!

Danish MENU is quality, functional, bold and good designs. Often theirs designs are award winning such as their thermo mugs, water carafe and our latest edition in the shop, the stunning jewellery tree in aluminium.  All their products comes in beautiful gift boxes and are our number one brand for wedding gifts. Here are some of the designs we have in the shop from MENU (and yes I know I have said stylish way to many times, but stylish design is what it is…stylish).

Personally I have not been able to resist a few products for my own home. Love my Verner Panton colourful bowls and storage jars. The Nordic Wool mugs, we use them daily now since they are our new favourites, just so lovely to drink from and very stylish. And in June when my birthday is I think I will wish for the bread basket set. Perfect for my knitting:)

Charlotte x

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