Welcome Flensted Mobiles!

“If you have a troubled mind, watch a mobile and unwind” Ole & Aase Flensted

Danish Flensted was first created in 1953 by Christian Flensted and his wife Grethe to celebrate the birth of their first daughter. By 1955 Christian gave up his job to devote his full attention to the mobiles and “The Stork’s Nest” was now based on his home island Funen. By 1971 the mobiles had became so popular and the business had expanded so they needed a larger premises, so they moved in to the old school on the island which became the Flensted Mobile Centre and still is today.  Flensted Mobiles is today run by Christian’s son Ole and his wife Aase.

All the lovely mobiles are hand made in Denmark. For nearly 60 years their skilled and diligent home-workers are mounting, assembling and packing the mobiles.

When we opened the shop, one of my suppliers (now my friend) tipped me about Flensted. She was pregnant at the time and looked for something for her nursery and had come across these. As you are aware I was quite pregnant my self and fell in love as well!

So why this long before they arrived in the shop? Good question but we have a long list of Scandinavian brands we love and would like to see here in the shop and decided to introduce them after some other brands, and finally, here they are!

We hope you enjoy them and fall in love just as much as we did. We have started with a small selection mostly for children, but as you can see on the Flensted website there are many designs.  But of course since we are in Edinburgh the Panda Mobile was an easy choice, who doesn’t like pandas? However I know my daughters favourite, the first thing Stina said when she came with me to the shop the other day was “Moomin” and she pick up all the Moomin boxes and gave them to me…

Charlotte x

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