Pappelina Order

Yes! On the 6th June a new Pappelina order will be sent over to Sweden! So it is time to dig out the measuring tape and find the perfect design for your home.

Perfect for hallway, bathroom, kitchen, children’s play-area, dining room, conservatory, summer house, patio or as a friend of mine said: perfect as a picnic blanket!

Have a look on Pappelina’s website for design and sizes and then just pop in or give us a ring and let us know which one is the winner.

Please note that delivery can take up to six weeks, if they are not in stock they will be woven for you (you can read about the fascinating weaving procedure on their website).

Our own model on a Pappelina doormat

Regarding the popular doormat sizes 50x70cm, there are only a few designs which are:

  • Lilo: (the beautiful daisy flower) in black, azure blue, olive green and red
  • Siri: (traditional medallion design with a contemporary twist) in metallic black/black and metallic white/white
  • Viggo star: (the popular star design) in metallic black/vanilla, metallic dark blue/vanilla, metallic white/white and metallic gold/vanilla
  • Mose: (retro yet traditional Scandinavian design) in Circus, blues, green and red.
  • Svea: (plain yet stunning design with a softer weave) in metallic white/white, metallic champagne/vanilla, metallic grey/grey,  metallic lilac/pale rose, metallic olive/pistage, metallic azure blue/pale turquoise, metallic mud/mud, metallic azure blue/azure blue, metallic nougat/light nougat, metallic brown/dark brown and metallic black/black.

What does the metallic colour mean? It means that the rug is woven with a plain colour plastic band and one plastic band that has a subtle pearlescent metallic sheen to it, which give the rug a lovely soft colour with a hint of shine.

Please contact us for information regarding prices.

Charlotte x

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