June…a busy month here at Spektakulär

June, always been a favourite month. Summer is starting, school is over, running barefoot on the grass, no jackets because it is actually warm, Midsummer celebrations (sill and schnapps) and so much more.

Here at Spektakulär we have had a busy start and I have had trouble catching up with my blogging.

Queen’s Jubilee has passed, Sweden’s National Day as well.

I did a quick visit to London and London Pulse trade fair. Which was lovely, met a few new suppliers and also some lovely existing ones, such as Jenny at Nordic Barn who is supplier for popular Blafre and KG Design.

Lovely Clara and Jenny from Nordic Barn

And of course we did not miss the Olympic Torch passing by the shop, amazing! As a Swede I am super into the Olympics, I enjoy watching it on TV. The athletes are so good and yes I actually feel a little bit more motivated to exercise (only a little). So I was very excited about the flame passing by the shop and wow what a crowd that gathered outside the shop at Holy Corner to see it pass by.

The Olympic Torch outside the shop 13th June
Stina waving the Swedish flag, good girl:)

This Saturday we visited Calderwood Primary School in Glasgow. This was our third time and it was lovely to see everyone again.

Lovely Jenny, my sister-in-law hiding behind the boxes at our stall

Father’s Day has passed and I do believe there are quite a few dads with some Spektakulär gifts:) Congrats to all the dads out there!

Next up is Midsummer and we wish you all a fantastic time, and think you should celebrate in Scandinavian style with “nubbe” and “sill”. Tomorrow Friday is the day the bigger towns in Sweden empty, people hit the countryside and the archipelagos and just enjoying the day with friends and family and silly dancing and eating a lot of lovely food.

Next week I believe a few of the schools in the area is ready for summer break. We can definitely tell since we are very busy wrapping gifts for teachers and yes we have many good ideas what to give to the great teachers out there:) Come on in and we are happy to help with gift ideas.

Charlotte x

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