Sweden trip…

It has been a busy time for us this month, have hardly had any time to update or blog, but here is a little bit about Stina and my Sweden trip back in May.

We managed to time the perfect weather back home. Lots of BBQ and sun, long nights and of course a glass of wine with loved ones. Perfect holiday, need to go a bit longer next time. So much to see and do! And of course even though the camera is in the bag it was hardly touched. Mum took this photo while out a walk around 7am, before it got too warm.

Mum out for a walk with the dog early before the heat.

Landed early in Sweden, met up with my brother-in-law at airport who handed me his car keys and said “see you later” and went with a colleague towards Gothenburg for work. Must admit it was a bit scary at first, was almost a year since I drove on the “right” side of the road. First journey went to my dads, and he lives close to the airport so that was fine. After brunch and chat we then headed off to visit my grandmother in Uddevalla. Perfect weather, perfect driving conditions on the motorway all the way up and Stina was great. Sweden is so beautiful this time of the year, it is so green and fresh. The houses in lovely colours, bright and welcoming. Stayed at grandma for a coffee and ice cream and then off again towards my sister’s farm. Just Stina and I there for a couple of hours so we just chilled outside in the sun, Stina played with their cat and we went to see the horses, she was so happy.

Lovely summer

At night my sister and I sat outside talking on the verandah. 21 degrees at 22.00, still very light, oh how I miss Sweden! On Saturday we went to see my sister’s newly bought summer house. The previous owner had left all the furniture in the house and I found plastic rugs everywhere, upstairs was a big pile of them and I wish I had taken the opportunity to dig through and “borrowed” a few with me home.

Stina with her cousins Erik and Emma
My sister’s summer house
Steep steps up to this charming cottage

We took a trip to the nearby lake, even though it was really warm 24 degrees in the air the water was less warm, or perhaps I am getting what you call in Sweden a “Badkruka” someone who makes up excuses for not jumping in the water, I guess chicken would be the right word. Oh well, maybe next time…

Not sure…barefoot was not a hit
Crazy boy…it was freezing!!!

Our journey continued home to Alingsås and to my mum. The week before we arrived they started a new project, to build a verandah from the front of the house to the BBQ area at the back. Half was done and “Stina safe”, it was amazing to walk on it and to just move the sun chair with the sun around the house.

And it starts
Something to walk on…
Almost done…

We stayed a few days in Alingsås, spent time with my girlfriends with children. I did a few inspirational trips to shops and cafés. Went to visit Lappat & Klart and said hi to owner Annika. Lovely lady, lovely shop. Of course I did a quick visit to Balders Hage (the shop behind the idea of Spektakulär), and lovely Village. One of our brands in the shop is Serholt. Serholt have their own branded shop in Sweden which is Village. Next time I am home I am sure their Autumn collection has arrived so I will spy a little and see what we should stock here:)

Before our flight home we did a quick visit to KG Design and collected a few products and saw some new designs…lovely! KG Designs owners Jennie and Fredrik is such a cool and relaxed couple! So I managed to bring more coasters over (all I could fit in my luggage I am afraid) but you better hurry, there are hardly any left.

Stina and I will spend more time in Sweden this Summer, after just a couple of days back home her English words became Swedish. So a few weeks home should give her hopefully a good base for the Swedish language.  So next time I am home I have planned to spend half a day with Annika at Lappat & Klart (gift wrap training), flea market visits, perhaps a few supplier visits as well, will try to go to Stockholm and visit the big trade fair in August. But most of all, what I really want to do back home is to sit on my mum’s veranda with a good cup of coffee and a good Swedish crime novel (and the cinnamon bun). So I think I will do just that. Sweden is a beautiful country with lots to see and do and yes I miss it a lot, but mostly in the Summers. Am sure I used to think November and March was just too grey and dull to exist, that we should just skip them:)

Anyway yes I miss Sweden especially during a warm summer evening. We was so lucky that Mum, Stina, the dog and I could take a few walks, Stina loved running on the dirt road outside and had lots of fun!

Out for a run…

Charlotte x

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