Sweden Holiday!

Stina and I are home in Sweden for a long holiday. Perfect opportunity for an intensive course in Swedish for Stina. She is doing fine but having mostly English around her is not helping me to get her to be bilingual. I have planed as little as possible for the two first weeks. Mostly spend a lot of time with my family and friends. Chill on my mums newly built veranda. If you have followed the blog then you might know since our last trip, they started to build the veranda on the front of the house. Now it is finished all the way around to the back, and by the stairs to the BBQ area is a small corner mum made “her corner” with a hammock. I think this will be the place for me and Stina to have a nap during the first couple of days. Just to relax a little and spend a lot of time of doing as little as possible. But most of all I just want to spend time with my mum and my siblings, I miss them dearly. They are a lot of fun and a bit crazy and sure make me laugh.

Borrowed this image from mum, the veranda is now done and this is the corner to relax in.

There has also been a bit of a baby boom during the last couple of years and the latest addition is only a couple of months old so it will be great to meet him and of course his cool mum. Even if I have a very good life here in Scotland I miss my home country a lot, less in the winter I must admit. My sister put up a post on her facebook thr other morning saying she was having breakfast on the landing-stage with her children and a dip in the lake before work. VERY JEALOUS!!!

Anyway after all the emotions have passed and I start feeling a bit restless (normally after 5-7 days) I believe it will be time for me to start my mission to find lots of new and fun things for the shop. Richard will follow in two weeks time and then it will be a few hectic days with business ideas and a few days later his parents will join us in Gothenburg. Which I am very excited about. Am looking forward to show them my hometown and where I grow up.

Even though I am home and this year same as the last couple of years our Emma is at the bookfestival so you will meet her there, the shop will stay open as usual except Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st then we will be closed. Lisa, Åsa and before he fly over Richard will be a few days in the shop. So pop in and say hi, why not let them know what you would like to see in the shop and they will email me while I am home and I will keep a lookout for lovely Scandinavian things for the shop:)

As always I promise to take a lot of photos for inspiration and hopefully this time I will actually keep my promise. Fingers crossed!

Have a lovely August, enjoy the festival and hopefully at least one week will be hot and sunny. I am back at the shop, hopefully with a few things I managed to squeeze in to my luggage Sunday the 26th August. Looking forward to catch up with all of you our lovely customers then.

Charlotte x

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