First few days of holiday!

Holiday time – slowmotion time!

I went straight in to slowmotion time when I walked off the aeroplane. Mums husband Uffe came to pick us up and we went home, had some brunch and Stina had her nap, so I went straight to bed myself and it feel like I have not moved for the last few days, even though we have been very busy. It took me 5 days before I got too restless and am now back in the game again. Weather has been great, and to be outdoors almost all the time has been great.

Evening bath

Mum’s Birthday was on Thursday so a lot of coffee and cake and the most amazing Smörgåstårta (Sandwichcake) sound strange, yes it might do but not for me, it makes me speechless… I kind of wished I had fought a bit a harder to get a photo instead of being first in the queue to get the first piece (after mum of course).  I will see if we can make another one within in the next couple of weeks, and then I think I might even try to get the recipe as well and actually share it with you.

Fika time

On Saturday the family invaded, brothers and sisters, niece and nephew so full house then mum had friends over in the evening so I found a good book and went out to sit on the veranda with a blanket and a glass of wine…but forgot about the mosquitos so gave up after a few minutes after a some swearwords and silly dances, strange how a small creature can make you do some silly moves and strange noises.

Sunday, I could feel the restlessness starting, so was off to see a couple of friends but it got cancelled due to a bad night for one of the small ones and a bad cold so nope, took a walk with Stina, mum and Cindy the dog.

Summer walk

But now today I feel like I am back again, met up with a friend for “fika”, arranged with Annika to spend a little time in her shop Lappat & Klart this week. Did a little shopping and oh man I kind wiscould buy so much for my home, gifts or just for the shop. Spoken to a few shopowners today and got lots of new contacts and people to speak to and best of all plenty of good inspiration.  There are a few sales going on and found a few bargains and great ideas to show Richard when he will arrive in eight days.

So a busy week ahead. Ullared visit tomorrow and meeting up with my aunties. Friends visit and hopefully off to see one of my grandmothers and next week my other grandmother and also my dad and his family. Got plenty of things to do:)

Have a lovely week! The shop will get deliveries from KG Design, amongst lots of cheerful designs the pink Owl moneybank will be back. Sagaform, more Club champagne flutes, the stylish tube tealight holders in green, blue and purple and a few other fun things. And we are super pleased to introduce Blafre’s latest range “Circus”. Fun, colourful and retro inspirated new tins. I promise you wont be disapointed.

Charlotte x

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