Lappat & Klart visit

Me and Annika, owner of Lappat & Klart

Meet Annika, owner of a charming little shop in my hometown Alingsås. I always make sure I visit Lappat & Klart when I am home.  Since I opened my own shop I got to know a few shop owners and store managers in Alingsås. And Annika is such a cool lady and I really enjoy her ideas and her company and I am glad I got to know her.

Lappat & Klart is a great little shop to find good gifts or pleasant treats. Beautiful teatowels mixed with stunning candlesticks in cast iron, fun jewellery, stylish scarfs, clever baking trays and lots more.

This shop is quite similar to Spektakulär, a few brands we both do and it is great to share tips and ideas. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours in her shop while Stina was away with her mormor (grandma). Even if I don’t feel like I contributed a lot it was great walking around in the shop, have a good chat with Annika and also falling in love with a few new designs which I am excited about to bring and introduce to the shop this Autumn,

I am amazed by how many new contacts and lovely people I have met since we started Spektakulär. Love how helpful people are and I hope that I am as helpful back as I can be.

Here are a few inspirational images from Lappat & Klart, please do let me know if it is something you see that you think we should have at Spektakulär.

Stunning tall candle holders made in cast iron
Fell in love with this stunning lampshade by Färg & Form. I am excited to introduce these at the shop during the Autumn,
Have looked for jewellery for the shop for some time and I think this brand might be perfect for Spektakulär

Teatowels and Dishcloths from quality company Ekelund.
Stunning teatowels from Ekelund
Wettex (Dish cloths), so popular in Sweden, maybe one day we might get them in.
I am pretty sure these might be recognised, the popular Leaf napkin holders from Pluto, here with colouful napkins by Marimekko.
Every Swede knows about Ernst, a well known and loved designer. He has teamed up with Färg & Form and designed these gorgeous candle sticks, Simple yet stunning. They will arrive this Autumn at Spektakulär
Perfect for our MOZ lovers, colourful umbrella with moose on.

It was lovely to spend a little time at the shop yesterday, must admit I miss being at Spektakulär, but will be back in the shop Sunday the 26th August. Today I am not sure what we will do, rain and grey, mum did some hints that we might go to Borås to Ittala Outlet :)

Have a lovely day

Charlotte x

One thought on “Lappat & Klart visit

  1. Charlotte Mattsson Cervin

    så fint du skrivit om Annika´s butik, jag är så glad över att hon lyckats driva den vidare sedan jag pensionerade mej.. Lycka till med din egen butik!!! <kram mamma Charlotte

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