Spring Time!

Oh lovely Spring is on its way!

It has been a long, cold and windy winter and I am so ready to put the children in the pram and go out for some fresh air. Lovisa is now two weeks and life suddenly feels a bit more controlled again. However Richard is back at work next week so we will see but then my mum is coming over from Sweden for a week and it will be so nice to have her around.

We finally made it to the shop this week, and I am so pleased how well the girls are looking after the shop, it looks so cheerful! We have so many lovely designs in the shop (I seemed to have gone a bit crazy before I went on my maternity) and more will follow during the next couple of months.

We are looking to introduce a few new designs and brands during the summer.  We have looked at jewellery for quite some time now, I guess our problem is space. Have found a great supplier back home, it is important that I like what we stock and I just love their jewellery, it is colourful and vibrant as well as stylish and elegant. Perfect gift to go with our super popular jewellery trees from Pluto Produkter.  So keep your eyes open, hopefully late spring early summer some of the lovely designs will appear.

Well that is all I seem to have time to update you with today:)

Please do not forget to pop in to the shop, it sure is full of lovely designs, perfect wedding, housewarming, birthday, just thank you gifts or why not a small treat for your self?

Enjoy this bank holiday weekend

Charlotte x

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