National Day of Sweden

It’s 6th of June and we say Happy Sweden Day!!!

A relatively new holiday in Sweden, in 2005 it bacame a public holiday. As a emigrant I have not really celebrated this day but I do think it is nice with a National day.

As you already know I miss my country, but I must admit is more likely the romantic image of Sweden mixed with childhood memories. The smell of early summer mornings, the sound of riding an old bike on a dirt road and small things like this. But I have also fallen in love with Scotland and am happy with a bit of both worlds in my life.

Anyway let’s celebrate today with a little treat in the shop. Just simply spend over £25 and you will get one of these extremely popular MOZ keyrings for free, colour of your choice!

Lovely MOZ in happy colours
Lovely MOZ in happy colours

Ha en underbar dag!
Charlotte x

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