Sagaform Delivery

Swedish Sagaform is one of our main brands and it is a really trendy and popular brand and we understand why! They are well know for their joyful designs for your home. We believe Sagaform products are a great as gifts. Stylish, clever and colourful designs that comes gift boxed (unfortunately not all products), and best of all they are at a reasonable price.

Twice a year Sagaform brings out new seasonal designs and we love this Springs new cheerful Form products.

A few more ranges will turn up over the next couple of months but lets start with these cheerful ones. But of course, the shop is already full of great designs by Sagaform! We love these tins…such a nice gift and a great way to organize those cupboards! I love to give away a tin filled with home made tasty biscuits.

Charlotte x

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